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β€œSo tell me . . . What would you like me to do?”

Darcy stared a moment at the smirking girl . . . Holy Hell! Zanetta! New Zanetta! Darcy liked the new Zanetta.

β€œWhy don't we start with making sure that only my card can access this thing . . . and then we can test your other abilities and you can do everything else on that list of yours!”

The girl grinned at her. β€œNo problem.” She said and went to work on the device by the metallic door.

Damn! But she made it look easy. Darcy had never been more glad about saving someone.

β€œDone!” Zanetta chimed as she turned around.

β€œWow! That it?” Darcy asked incredulously.

β€œYep!” Zanetta smirked back.

Darcy wished there was some way they could test it . . . but she would take Zanetta's word for it. Well, she'd have to, they didn't have another access card. Oh well!

β€œYou know Etta,” Darcy said with a genuine smile as she looped her arm through Zanetta's and the two women strolled down the long boxed in metallic chamber leading down to the next secure door in the distance β€œI think we're going to be fast friends.”

And Darcy meant it. Her friendship was not won over lightly. However Zanetta was growing on her and the girl was proving herself worthy of Darcy's true friendship . . . not her usual array of sycophantic minions but a real friend.

β€œAnd about the illegal stuff . . . believe me I have absolutely no problem with that . . . Heck! How much more illegal can it get?! We just broke into a secure military facility! In fact I think we should be proud of ourselves.” Darcy finished patting Zanetta on the back playfully.

Their laughter echoed through the baron hallway as they walked arm in arm further down into the underground facility.