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It had been a good few hours since Jakob had to enter the facility. The entrance under the hospital was secured, not just by the locking mechanisms on the blast door, but also by the horde of infected still standing around in the basement. He had managed to meet up with the rest of the Wolf-Pack, who were already in the process of setting up a full memory wipe of the facility's computer mainframe, thirty minutes before reaching the security room.

Approaching Red, who was occupied at watching the security monitors, each connected to both Buckley AFB's security grid and that of the hospital, Jakob removed the sniper rifle and leaned it against the side of the desk.

"Any news on the security feed, sir?"

Red swiftly glanced back at him before returning his attention to the monitors.

"Well, we do have a group of two entering from the base entrance. That entrance doesn't lead to the storage bunker that we've already cleared out, except through an access tunnel on 2-B. Two and Four are already there to close that tunnel off."

Jakob had acknowledged what he had said with a nod, before Red pulled out and placed a small metallic briefcase onto the desk beside him.

"Change of plans. This was what we were ordered to retrieve. This is called the X-5 serum. It's designed to slow down the cellular mutations from being infected," Red continued as he opened up the case, revealing five vials of a bright green serum and a small hard drive. "The reason why I'm passing this to you, is because I don't have much time before I turn. One of those damn walkers bit right through the suit's glove. Before we began wiping the mainframe, I had the files copied to this hard drive. There should be an operative that goes under the name of Priestess in Buckley. You are to hand over the case to this operative."

Grabbing the small case and securing it to his backside, Jakob was already out of the door, on his way to the access tunnel before the other two remaining squad mates seal it off.