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Snippet #2252661

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Zuriik Taroql
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Zuriik fell asleep at his computer midway through placing an Alchemiter, the object falling through the roof of WA’s house as he dropped it. Suddenly sleeping in the middle of doing things was nothing new, it happened almost every day. However, instead of drifting into his tormented unconsciousness as per usual, Zuriik instead found himself looking at a nearly unfamiliar sight. It took him a moment to fully register what he was staring at. A Prospitian sky, with Skaia in full orbit. It had been almost 3 and a half years since Zuriik had seen that sky. 3 and a half years since he had run into the green demon. 3 and a half years of dead, adventureless dreams. Zuriik sat up. He was on a bed, on the roof of a Prospitian building, one of his two dream homes. For whatever bullshit reason, he had somehow survived his encounter with the creature of nightmares three years ago and was now sitting idly in a comfy bed on top of some Prospitian’s house. Neat. Zuriik rose from his bed, still not trusting his “senses”. It certainly felt like a dream, his focus was pulled and pushed around, falling onto whatever object caught his attention for a split second. Zuriik moved to his mirror, examining his reflection. He was wearing the same stupid dream outfit, yellow shirt with purple pants, and his Prospitian scythe, Morpheus. Zuriik looked around from his perch on the roof. Yes, still the same old Prospit. Still, this was only one of two planets...
Zuriik dove off the edge. On the way down, he reminded himself that it was just a dream. His descent was halted quite suddenly as the laws of physics took a unanimous lunch break. Zuriik ascended, flying through the atmosphere of Prospit. As he moved farther away from the planet, his shirt and pants shifted into grey and his scythe faded into nothing. Zuriik picked up speed as he moved toward the Veil, away from the center of the Incipisphere. Although he didn't actually know the names of any of these things. Zuriik slowed himself down once he approached Derse, eventually landing on the planet. His grey outfit changed into a purple shirt with yellow pants and Hypno, his Dersian scythe, formed on his back. As he did a once-over of Derse, Zuriik noticed nothing out of the ordinary there either. He landed in a courtyard, looking for something to do. By now, Zuriik’s unattention had gotten the better of his curiosity. A commotion, nearby screamings of “thief!”, would suffice for the moment. He ran over to the Dersian, who was pointing and shouting at a fast retreating shape, no doubt the aforementioned ne’er-do-well. Zuriik rose into the air and “zoom”ed toward the criminal. Justice would be served. He quickly overtook his target, moving above and past, landing somewhat in front of him, her or it. Zuriik drew his scythe and prepared his speech.
“Halt. You have violated the rules of this planet. I, Zuriik Taroql, will deliver justi-oof!”
Instead of halting, the thief smashed into Zuriik at high speed, causing him to drop his scythe and halt his speech. The two of them were sent tumbling, over and over, finally coming to a skidding halt. Zuriik looked up at the face of his “attacker” and was left absolutely speechless. Was it her? No, it couldn’t be...could it? He had not yet received a vision of the moment when he met her, so perhaps...just was. The two were caught in each others gaze; the boy, on the bottom, still enchanted by her-the girl, on top, holding in her mouth a stolen fish. Here she was, right in front of him, and Zuriik was unable to say a word. Finally, after a long silence, he formulated a “full” sentence.
“I’m Zuriik.”
She removed the morsel from her mouth and tried again.
“Nice to meet you.”
She nodded in comprehension. Shit! Now what? Zuriik racked his brain for something to say. The perfect line struck him, as if out of heaven.
“Hey, you wouldn't happen to be an animal lover would you? I’m kind of a cat person myself.”
She smiled, opening her mouth to reply.
The loud noise woke Zuriik from his slumber. On his computer screen, WA was messing around with his Totem Lathe and Alchemiter, crafting various objects. The “smash” had likely come from Zuriik’s new Cruxtruder, which someone had just deployed in the apparently gigantic cave that Zuriik lived in. Wait. Gigantic? Filled with fury and confusion, Zuriik pulled his goggles down over his eyes and contacted Freddy.

slayronicJustisythe [SJ] began trolling alienationSanctified [AS]
SJ: 43y. Freddy. w4o’s wy s3rv3r blay3r?
AS: That’s me bro, wazzup?.
SJ: m4at t43 fnck qiq yon qo to wy 4ons3!?
AS: You didn’t have any room for the stuff I needed to put in, so I maid it bigger.
SJ: yon conlq 4av3 ask3q w3 first!
AS: You were asleep. Didn’t wanna wake ya.
SJ: m3ll yon snc33q3q!
SJ: also,
SJ: r3w3wp3r m43u i saiq i 4aq3u’t s33u t43 cat-troll iu wy qr3aws y3t.

AS: Yeah. Watt about it?.
SJ: i 7nst w3t 43r. m4il3 i mas asl33b.
AS: Awesome! Did you ask her out?.
SJ: uo. me qidu’t 3v3u 4av3 a fnll couv3rsatiou.
AS: Why not?
SJ: p3acnas3 yon fnckiug mok3 we nb!
AS: Come again?.
SJ: [You. Woke Me. The Fuck. UP!]
AS: Oh, right. Sorry bout that.
SJ: rig4t. woviug ou. i t4iuk WA is fiu3 for uom. i gav3 4iw all t43 stnff 43 u33qs.
AS: Cool. Just lemme pop open this Cruxtruder and we can get to work.
SJ: qou’t morry. i got t4is.

Zuriik advanced toward the Cruxtruder and brought his fist down on the top of it with the pent up aggression of 6 sweeps of pain. The device popped open, releasing a small grey orb into the world.

SJ: m4at t43 43ll is t4at?
AS: Its a Kernelsprite. You’ve gotta prototype it. If you do, it’ll help you out later in the game.
SJ: brototyb3?
AS: Just get it to touch something.
SJ: qo3s it watt3r m4at?
AS: No, not really, anything could work.

At this statement, Zuriik’s entire inventory become useful for good, orientating the whole congregation of items to the “Yin” side of the scale. This caused the balance to shift enough to drop every item in his inventory onto the floor. A single piece of paper from this sudden outmass of objects floated down, happenstantialy coming into contact with the Kernelsprite. The two prototyped together in a bright flash of light, causing Zuriik to shield his eyes and providing a perfect stopping point for this chapter of his story.