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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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Leo smiled when he heard about the truck needing repairs, he wasnt entirely sure why, maybe it was because he could actually be useful for once?
And then Leo's smile faded when he realized that he had never made repairs to a car before, heck, he barley knew how to drive one, what made him think that he was suddenly some sort of mechanic?
Still, it was worth a shot.
But just as Leo opened his mouth to speak, and then shut it as he also realized just how stupid that idea was.
What were the chances of the blonde haired guy having what Leo needed in order to fix the truck?
I dont even know what I need. He thought, shaking his head slightly.

Leo replaced his original question for a better one,
"So, uh, where is this friend of yours?"