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located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Callus Velares Character Portrait: Fastus Captio
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He was messaged by VH this time, but he wasn't expecting to be pestered without reaching the top of the mountain. He lost his grip on the mountain he was climbing and fell down the side of the mountain, this would prove a challenge when entering the Medium later on. For now though it would only hurt a lot, but he was warned of those mountains. While he tumbled down he heard the voice of his dead father saying." I warned you about those mountains son, I warned you." His father did warn him about mountain climbing and stairs, but he occasionally forgot the advice given to him. He remembered that he was falling, so he tried to use a shirt as a parachute. But he didn't put on a shirt, so he was pretty much doomed as he saw it. Before he fell to his death he remembered that there was a pile of leaves at the bottom, from the time his dad decided to jump off the mountain and into the leaves. This pile of leaves was the place that Callus's father died, but Callus's mind chose to put that memory deep inside his subconscious. Luckily for Callus his subconscious was able to save him before he died, his subconscious made him notice the fact that a parachute was stuck to one of the trees he was about fall past. This was the parachute his father used the day he died, but Callus just thought it was one of many parachutes scattered around the island due to his friends dropping presents with parachutes attached. The parachute slowed him down, but it broke the instant he fell onto it. The leaves broke his fall, considering the parachute was there to save his life. He saw a box near one of the trees, he never noticed this box before due to him having no reason to be here before. He cleared the plants and other things off of it, so he could look at the box better. He really wanted to look at what was inside the box, but he had to get home due to it almost being night and creatures that could kill him coming out at night.

He ran to his home, completely ignoring the fact he almost died. He jumped through his door and quickly closed it, since it was steel none of the creatures could break it down without being intelligent. He remembered he was messaged earlier and decided to leave the box on his couch, he then tried to get the pda he dropped earlier without knowing he dropped it. It wasn't there, he quickly connected the dots and noticed he dropped it earlier when falling out of the mountain. He went downstairs leaving the box on the couch, his laptop was in his giant basement and it was a bit hard to see without the lights turned on. He moved his hand along the wall looking for the light switch, he found it and turned it on so he could see and there was his laptop that projected a holographic image of a screen and keyboard. The laptop itself was only a ring the size of an orange, it had a hole in the middle that was filled with circuitry and a projector for the holograms. He connected a wireless mouse to the ring and began opening Pesterchum, he saw that the person who messaged him was VH himself. Their conversation went like this
valdephonousHost [VH] began pestering rocketingHeir [RH]
VH: Hello again.
VH: Are you ready?
VH: You have the disk, correct?
VH: Goodness, where are my manners?
VH: I must apologize for my over excitement.
VH: I’m just full of anticipation for the grand adventure that is sure to await us!
VH: I’m talking to a wall aren’t I?

RH: My bad, I fell off the mountain I was scaling when you messaged me, one second, I have to see what this package I found is for.

Callus checked out what the package had inside of it, he was surprised to find a yellow envelope with a disk labeled Sburb inside of it.

RH: It wouldn't happen to be named Sburb, would it?
RH: If it is, it came with the package.

Callus didn't notice that there was a note under the envelope, but if he did then he would probably be in a state of confusion and he wouldn't be able to have the rest of this conversation with VH.

VH: That is indeed the aformentioned disk. Tell me, was it my message that caused you to loose balance?
RH: Yeah, that kind of hurt when I fell down the mountain.
RH: It's cool though. If that didn't happen, I wouldn't have found the package.