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Snippet #2264251

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Ezekiel Felton
21:45 P.M

His lungs filled with smoke; soothing, calming the bitter remains of his mind. Ezekiel lets his wings stretch outwards, not in pride but in comfort, or as much as he could get in this cramped trailer. It wasn't until the noise of scraping metal did his eyes flutter open, confusion becoming proposed to him. The circus was filled with its typical noise at this hour, people around the pornographic tent, guards chatting with one another as they shared alcohol and cigarettes. He hoped they would drop their packs in a drunken daze and leave half used remains behind so he could support his habit, just so he could hold onto a bit of solace at the end of his day.

There was still that inconsistent, aggravating noise, and he pinpointed it to be nearby. His gaze went from the little light that came into the tent to where he trailer would open, and when he saw someone else there he inhaled the smoke wrong in a panicked, thoughtless action. Clutching his chest, the cigarette falling from his lips, Ezekiel coughed, covering his mouth to muffle the cacophonous noise. The boys shoulders were shaking as his body tried to evacuate the poison that entered his body wrongly, forcing his eyes to shut during the struggle.

Finally the infliction ceased, each cough becoming further apart until he was able to catch his breath. His eyes became wide open as he stared at the person fumbling with the lock on his cage, eyes narrowing in accusation. "What are you doing?" He questioned, voice hoarse and laced heavily with his current vexation. The wings growing out of his back folded, allowing him to turn around to get a better look at the person. When he recognized it to be the girl from earlier, he felt like he was hit by a wave of cold water.

"It's you!" Being surprised was an understatement. He had never been approached to like this before, not by an outsider at least. No one dared to cross Mr.Torture, even the public could tell he is a man whose temperament was to be avoided. Ezekiel's eyes were wide, and they returned to their previous state when he was clouded with suspicion. What was she doing here? He couldn't think of any plausible reason for her to come at the circus at night, let alone purposely find him so she could experiment with some lock picking. As he could recall, he hadn't been exactly all that nice to her, and his rudeness never came off as coy.

His posture stiffened and his arms became folded across his chest, leering at her with a choleric visage. "You didn't bring a group of boys, hopin' to reach up your shirt, to teach me a lesson - did you?" He questioned, wondering if she was about to try and get some sort of revenge on him. "I have talons, doll, you don't want any trouble." Ezekiel warned, stretching out his bird-like feet for good measure. Well, it wouldn't be the first time that someone wanted to see him become black and blue, he just hoped he could find a way out of it.