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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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Priestess scanned the halls of the facility under Buckley AFB as Jakob, who Priestess discovered was the PMC sent here by Scott, followed closely behind her. It was quiet...too quiet. She knew that the "doctor" must be down here somewhere. Her and Johnathan turned a corner and were met with the bloody bodies of the two SEALs that she had sent down after that lying bitch.

"Well, this was unexpected." Priestess commented to herself as she looked over the bodies of the dead soldiers

"Friends of yours?" Jokob asked

"No." Priestess said as she scanned the area

"I thought you said it was just some whore and her teenaged friend." Jakob commented

"Yes, it was." Priestess thought for a second. There was no way that those two could have done this by themselves. They had help "Someone else must have been down here with them." Priestess said she spotted bloody footprints leading from the bodies too a doorway into a lab. The footprints then led back out of the lab and down a side tunnel to Priestess's left "And I think I know where they went." she smiled to herself as she looked at Jakob "Get the suitcase back too Scott, I'll deal with them."

Richard was leading Darcy and her new friend down the cold, dim halls of the facility. He wanted to get her out, he was so afraid of losing her again. The thought sent a cringe up his spine, if he lost her again...he wouldn't know what to do.

"Richard...are you okay?" Darcy asked as she came up next to him and grabbed his hand

"Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me."

"you two aren't going to dry hump again are you?" Zanetta mocked from behind

Darcy just shot her a look and the girl just smirked and looked down at her feet. Richard chuckled at the two girls. He missed how Darcy fought with every damn person she met. It was hilarious to be honest. The three continued on...unaware of the danger that was coming up close behind.

****West Virginia*****

Scott had gotten back from New York and was now in the back seat of his limo that was following an armed convoy down the abandoned streets of some rotting town in West Virginia. He was heading up on a lead that he couldn't pass up. The man he was looking for was a perfect subject for the project he had cooking up. Soon the initiative would come to a head, it was so close he could smell it.

The convoy came too a complete halt outside a large ultramax prison. The walls where made of brick and were topped by barbed wire. There were rotting bodies of prison guards and inmates alike strung about the courtyard like trash. Director Scott stepped out into the dawning sunlight and straightened his coat as four CIA operatives forced open the secure gate at the front of the facility. The director took a file from his jacket and looked it over as he followed his men into the court yard, at the top of the file it read the name "Roderick Lemartes" . Scott looked over the man's was...outstanding to say the least. The man was a complete nut job, a ruthless killer and he was perfect for what Scott wanted him for. Apparently the man was caught after the infection began, but after it hit West Virginia the guards shoved a few months of food into all the high max cells and left. If he was still alive, which Scott hoped he was, than he was probably on the verge of starvation by now.

"Find me this man's cell, if he is alive we have a lot to talk about."

****Buckley AFB****

Richard knew that they were close to the ladder that would lead him back up to the warehouse where he had left his friends. Once they were there, he knew they would be safe and that he had succeeded in saving least for now. "It's not much farther now." Richard reassured his two companions

"Good, I just want to get out of her." Zannetta complained

"Well good because we are almost-

CRACK! the sound of a bullet flying by Richards head turned his instincts on and he instantly threw Darcy to the ground, spun on his heel, pushed Zanetta out of the way, and began firing rounds down the hall. He saw someone at the end of the hall duck behind a wall as the rounds nearly hit him. "Get up and go!" Richard shouted to his friends as he watched down range for his target. That's when something he never expected happened

"Richard!? Is that you?" an all too familiar voice shouted from down the hall

Richards eyes bugged out of his head as the voice rang in his head " can't be...."

***West Virginia***

Scott walked down the cement walk of the ultramax, looking for Cell B32. behind him stood two men in ballistic bests and BTU's, both of them watching for threats. B29...B30...B31, Scott inched closer and closer to his target. B32...when he reached the door he smiled to himself as he looked into the small window and saw a man lying on the bed with a book in his hand. He reached for the earpiece he had in and spoke into the mic he had attached to the collar of his shirt "Unlock it" he said cooly and the door clanked as the locking mechanism disengaged and the door slowly swung open. The man on the bed sat up, startled, and looked right at Scott who looked at him with emotionless eyes

"Hello Roderick."