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Snippet #2265613

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Avalin Seranu

Ava’s movements immediately froze as she heard the coughing, rather startled than anything else. However, as he continued on leagues quieter, she returned to her lock-picking maneuvers, doing her absolute best to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

”What are you doing?” A hiss of voice flowed to her ears, and she paused for a second before returning to her work. A broad grin settled itself onto her lips, and she just looked up at him. “Miss me?” Her voice was not patronizing at all, purely innocent and cheerful, although it did admittedly hold a teasing ring to it.

”It’s you!” Avon’s form tensed, and she hurriedly tried to put a finger up to her lips to hush him, when she realized she had still need to work on the lock- she couldn’t lose her progress now. She hardly even needed to, as he hushed himself in wary contemplation, his wings folding back to their previous position she had seen earlier that day. She simply continued fumbling with the lock-pick.

However, she looked up at him once more as his posture shifted, the lighting was fairly dim, but she did think she saw the faint lines of irritation on his facials. "You didn't bring a group of boys, hopin' to reach up your shirt, to teach me a lesson - did you?" A huge wave of red completely drowned her face, and she coughed awkwardly with a small squeak. “W-what? I’d n-“ Lynn stammered out in an urgent whisper, completely thrown off by his suspicions, but he continued anyway.

"I have talons, doll, you don't want any trouble. She watched him lift a foot, her face still blushing up a storm, unable to truly process his threat at that moment. However, she quickly regained herself, and cleared her throat very quietly to aid in doing so.

She tilted her index finger a small bit and curved her thumb under with the tool, and a satisfying click resounded from the lock. She stamped her foot quietly, and immediately crossed her arms. “N-no-“ The gal coughed once more, putting behind her what she’d just gone through at the instance of his comments, and spoke again, this time more clearly. “That’s just baloney, I hardly have a beef with you. I’m trying to get you out of this joint.”

Silently, she put a hand on the cage door and eased it open, leaning against one of the bars with her arms crossed. A faint remnant of her blush lingered on her cheeks, though she hardly realized it. “Now get a wiggle on! Just consider this a bum’s rush, but in your favor.”