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located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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valdephonousHost [VH] began responding to memo.
[VH]: Your team name suggestion has been recognized, acknowledged and accepted.
[VH]: As for RH's question, you cannot communicate with your sprite unless you prototype it with something that is or once was alive. A Dictionarysprite would likely just spout off random words.
[VH]: Now, about the strength of the enemies. As with all games, the strengths vary. At the beginning of the game, once you craft your Cruxite Artifact and interact with it, it will transport you into a realm known as The Medium, to a unique "Land" that caters to your personality and tastes. This is where the game truly begins.
[VH]: Enemies will begin to spawn here, imps at first. They will have abilities and traits based on what you prototyped with your sprite. Each time you prototype, all the enemies will alter accordingly. When in the Medium, you must advance through "Gates", 8 in total, to reach the third step of the game. I'll talk about that when I come to it.
[VH]: The enemies and obstacles will become more challenging as you progress, making it all the more satisfying when you defeat them.
[VH]: Just to give you a little preview of what you are in for, the second most powerful obstacles in the game are known as the Denizens. Each player must eventually defeat their corresponding Denizen to defeat the end boss and win the game. The aforementioned boss is known as the Black King. He gains powers from all players' different prototypings, making him a near demigod.
[VH]: Moving on, I believe that I should tell you all about the different player titles. Each player has a "player title" that describes them, consisting of a class and an aspect: like "Page of Life" or "Thief of Breath".
[VH]: Your class defines what type of abilities you receive, when you receive them and your primary role in the game while your aspect defines your powers and your secondary role in the game. Classes can be either supporting or solitary and sometimes has an associated gender. Aspects usually have both a physical or literal meaning and an associative or secondary meaning Here’s a quick rundown of all of them, at least the ones I know of.

Rogue; Steals “aspect” and gives to others, supporting, often female.
Thief; Steals “aspect” and supplies self, solitary, often female.
Heir; Becomes the manifestation of “aspect” and/or is protected by “aspect” depending on playstyle, either solitary or supporting, steadily gains strength through the passing of time, always male.
Maid; Defends with “aspect” or supplies self with “aspect”, solitary, always female.
Page; Provides others with “aspect”, supporting, starts weak but becomes very strong later in the game, abilities can vary based on circumstance, always male.
Knight; Uses “aspect” as a weapon to protect and assist others, both solitary and supporting, starts quite strong but gains little strength over the course of the game, either male or female.
Seer; Has extensive knowledge of “aspect” which they use to assist others, supporting, always has knowledge pertaining to or about Sburb, either male or female.
Mage; Has deep knowledge and experience of “aspect” as well as a slight immunity to it, supporting but can possible be solidary, either male or female.
Sylph; Heals using “aspect” or shares “aspect” with others, supporting, always female.
Witch; Manipulates or breaks the rules of “aspect”, solitary with supportive tendencies, always female.
Bard; Allows for destruction of or with “aspect” or sets stage for destruction of or with “aspect”, supporting (although they often make it harder for the party), always male.
Prince; Destroy “aspect” or destroys with “aspect”, solitary, always male.
Scribe; Observes and documents “aspect”, supporting, gains very few abilities, may eventually find loopholes or glitches in their aspect or the game itself, either female or male.
Lord; Master class, ultimate solitary, always male.
Muse; Master class, ultimate supporting, always female.

Time; Time or the passing of time, has the ability to activate a mechanism known as “The Scratch” which resets the entire game with slightly different circumstances.
Space; Physics or paradox space (alternate universes and such), has the task of breeding together frogs to create the Genesis Frog (a universe of sorts).
Void; Nothingness or lack of knowledge.
Light; Light or luck or knowledge.
Mind; Thoughts or decisions.
Heart; Soul or love.
Doom; Death and destruction or sacrifice or judgement.
Life; Survival or structure or restoration.
Rage; Anger or suffering or belief (blind).
Hope; Hope or sanctity or belief (hopeful, like imagination).
Blood; Unity or emotions.
Breath; Wind or direction.

[VH]: I have deciphered that I am most likely a Seer (due to my extensive knowledge of the game), though of what aspect I am unsure, possibly Mind. As a Seer, my job is to guide the rest of you through the game, as I am doing right now. If any of you come up with what your potential class or aspect might be, let me know so that I can plan accordingly.
[VH]: Now then, if you will excuse me, I’ll see you all in the Medium.
valdephonousHost [VH]
ceased responding to memo.