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Snippet #2267826

located in Earth, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Earth, the home planet of the human race.


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Character Portrait: Callus Velares Character Portrait: Fastus Captio Character Portrait: Omega
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Fastus walked through the undergrowth of his player planet, The Land of Illusion and Nightshade, his Poolsprite following close behind. His sprite had been prototyped first with a pool cue, not a swimming pool, and Fastus was currently looking for something living or dead for its second prototyping. As he did so, Fastus reflected on the past. He had recently turned ten, and had just received a computer for his birthday from his sister. This was actually a pleasant surprise that his sibling had used the money given to her by the government for raising Fastus on something other than drugs or booze. With as much ambivalence as one can muster while setting up a brand new gadget, Fastus installed his computer and created a Pesterchum account. Almost immediately, he began being contacted. Of course, Fastus hadn't added anyone yet, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

fragmentaryLast [FL] began trolling harmoniousOctave [HO]
[FL]: he
[FL]: hehehehehehe
[FL]: HEllo.

[HO] Greetings.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: he

[HO]: What is so humorous?
[FL]: humorous?
[FL]: oh, NO. you misunderstand. i’m NOt LAUGHing.

[HO]: Then what are you doing?
[FL]: im talking about HIM.
[FL]: HIM.
[FL]: HIS.
[FL]: HE.
[FL]: he
[FL]: hehehehehehehehe

[HO]: How are you contacting me right now?
[FL]: luck. i sent out a signal at random and you answered.
[FL]: ring ring.
[FL]: ring ring.

[HO]: Who’s there?
[FL]: ME.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe

[HO]: Who are you? Why are you talking to me?
[FL]: who am i? telling you my name would accomplish NOthing. even if you knew who i was before. ive changed since tHEn.
[HO]: Since when?
[FL]: a long TIME ago. sWEEPs and sWEEPs. NOw, my name is gone, USELESS.
[FL]: i suppose you can call ME.
[FL]: or OMEGA for short.

[OH]: Alright “Omega”. Who’s this “he” you speak of?
[FL]: oh. HIM? HE is NOthing short of a GOD.
[FL]: HIS POWERs are beyond compreHEnsion.
[FL]: HE travels around tHE universe. bringing hope to the WEAK and DESPAIR to the strong.
[FL]: HE shall PURGE the worlds in neverENDing FIRE.
[FL]: and from tHE aSHEs will aRISE a new dawn. a fresh start. a wonderful world of peace and prosperity.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehe

[OH]: That...sounds wonderful.
[FL]: it will be.
[FL]: HE couldnt accomplish it without tHE MESSIEVILs assistance. of course.

[OH]: The who?
[FL]: tHE MESSIEVIL. hes a fancy FELLow. always dresses in a green and white suit with a tie.
[OH]: What does this Messievil have to do with...erm...”Him”.
[FL]: tHE MESSIEVIL is HIS HOST. tHE MESSIEVIL paved the way for HIM. he set tHE stage and DIMmed the lights.
[FL]: and in tHE END. tHE MESSIEVIL will PERISH.
[FL]: and like a CATerpillar sHEds its husk and becomes a butterfly.
[FL]: from tHE MESSIEVILs remains. HE shall arise.

[OH]: Wow. That’s quite the story.
[FL]: story? oh NO. the whole thing is true.
[OH]: You’re kidding.
[OH]: How do you know my name?
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
[OH]: How do you know my name?!
[FL]: i recognized your typing style. weve spoke in my past. your future.
[OH]: How is that possible?
[FL]: time SHEnanigans.
[FL]: you WANT to kNOw something cool?

[OH]: What is it?
[FL]: you are tHE MESSIEVIL. or can be.
[OH]: What?
[FL]: you are tHE perfect candidate for becoming HIS HOST. a MESSIEVIL needs to be smart. clever. tricky. and willing to gain power at whatever cost.
[OH]: So what if I am?
[FL]: tHEn you will become powerful. and you will change tHE world. your dreams of a universe of your own shall be realized. all of existence shall recognize you. and obey. you shall become HIM. and all that that entails.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe

[OH]: So, you’ve talked to myself in the future?
[FL]: yes.
[OH]: And I will become strong?
[FL]: tHE STRONGest.
[OH]: What do I need to do?
[FL]: be smart. be clever. be tricky. seek out power and SEIZE it. find those who you can FOOL into HELPing you and use tHEm to do tHE dirty work. create and destroy.
[OH]: Alright. I’ll do it. Will you help me?
[FL]: ive done eNOugh already. you can handle it from here.
[FL]: youd better get started. tick tock fastus.
[FL]: HE
[FL]: HE
[FL]: he

[HO]: Goodbye Omega. I look forward to hearing from you again.
[FL]: NOt likely. im a very busy PURPLE BLOOD. ive got places to go and people to KILL.
[FL]: later motHERFUCKER.
fragmentaryLast [FL]
ceased trolling harmoniousOctave [HO]

Speaking of Pesterchum, back in the present, Fastus was being contacted by another one of his “friends.” Thankfully, he had planned for this. Just as expected, Fastus’s computer materialized in front of him out of his Captchalogue. He opened it and read the message from RH. He finished the text, paused with surprise and re-read it. With great haste, Fastus typed a response.

valdephonousHost[VH] began pestering rocketingHeir[RH]
[VH]: I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think it’s just your subconscious. I’ve talked a “purple blood” before, or at least he claimed that he was.
[VH]: His name is the Omega. I’m not entirely sure “what” he is, just that he might be helpful, dangerous or both. He’s the one that first pointed me in the direction of Sburb.
[VH]: His screen name is “fragmentaryLast” and he uses some weird form of pestering called “trolling.” If he talks to you, be wary. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, completely insane.
[VH]: The first and last time we spoke, he was babbling on about “HIM” and a “Messievil”. He also told me “tick tock”, but that may be just a coincidence. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for him. He might have crucial information regarding this game that even I do not have access to.
[VH]: Oh, and don’t tell the others about him. If this Omega is really as dangerous as he sounds, we don’t want anyone else pursuing him. dashingFalcon especially might try and track him down or something foolish like that. The last thing that this party needs is the loss of one of our members.
[VH]: I’m trusting you with this. If you run into him or he contacts you, be sure to tell me immediately. I’m absolutely certain that you can handle it. Don’t let me down. Ciao.
valdephonousHost [VH]
ceased pestering rocketingHeir [RH]