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"I'm gonna be fine Zanetta." Darcy said patting the over sensitive girl on the back with her good hand.

At least she hope she was going to be, who knew for sure?

Luckily Richard intervened before Zanetta broke out into full blown hysterics.

"Here baby." He said handing Darcy his bag. "You can go talk with 'Mr. Smooth' here I'll take Darcy from here." He added to Zanetta.

Darcy tore it open. She was starving. She hadn't ever felt hunger like this before, yet weirdly enough she was craving something spicy but she was way out of luck when she looked inside and scowled.

Richard laughed at her scowl and spoke "Well it may not look pretty but, it is still food your highness."

All the coiled tension left Darcy's body as she smiled at his words. How she had missed him . . . She thought he was dead but that was something she did not want to think about ever again! He was here and he was hers.

"Thanks." She replied as she kissed him on the cheek and then went for the food like she'd never seen it before in her life. It tasted like crap but like Richard said at least it was food . . . She just hoped she didn't throw it up like most things she had since becoming pregnant.

Richard sat down next to her as she ate.

"So, why were you here Darcy?" He asked.

Darcy shuffled over and onto his lap. She breathed in a sigh of contentment as she cuddled up next to him burying her face into his neck and chest as he wrapped his arms around her. Darcy smiled to herself as she kissed Richard under the jaw. She felt safe and loved . . . she dreamed of this moment for over four months thinking then it would never happen. She wouldn't ever let him go ever again, no matter what.

He was her's and only hers. Yes, she was possessive and she didn't care.

"Well." She breathed as she took another bite of the horrid food that was threatening to come back up her throat "My mom got bit, she needs the serum. I have to get back." She added remembering "We're staying in Minneapolis. It's horrible Richard." Darcy whispered morosely, the memories coming back to her. "They kill people on the streets . . . something you wouldn't even think about doing to an animal. I-I watched . . . they were going to shoot a man for saving another man's life . . ." She shivered at the image playing in her mind. "You're coming back with me right?" Darcy said suddenly looking up at Richard "I'm not leaving without you again!" She panicked while hoping he wouldn't ask her how she knew of this place.

It would be easier not to go into that right now as it may raise other questions . . . like why that bitch was after her.

But she did have to get back to Minneapolis . . . to save her mom . . .