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Snippet #2278438

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī Character Portrait: Omega
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The Omega was bored. Really bored. He had tried killing, but that made him more bored. Oh look. He had left his contact information on a computer with one of his friends in the past and now a fellow purpleblood was contacting him. This ought to be fun.

dementedManic [DM] has began trolling fragmentaryLast [FL]
[DM]: Brother, 1 see th4t you surv1ved the explosion of our pl4net.
[DM]: 1 need your help.
[DM]: Do you know how 1 should esc4pe these ch41ns 1'm 1n?
[DM]: 1t would me 1n my endeavors, 1f you could help me esc4pe these chains.

[FL]: HEllo danavel. it is very pleasANT to see you. i hope that you are doing well.
[FL]: oh who tHE FUCK am i kidding. you dont want to chat. you just want my HElp.
[FL]: your awful manners aside. what can i assist you with?

DM: 4s 1 s41d before, 1 need help esc4p1ng from ch41ns th4t 1 w4s forced 1nto.
[DM]: 1 wont 4sk how you know my n4me, s1nce there 4re m4ny poss1b1l1t1es 4round th1s g4me.

[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: you FUCKing rymed tHEre. as for tHE chains. i cant come and HElp you if thats what you want.

[DM]: Of course 1 know th4t you c4n't come to me, but do you know how to get r1d of these ch41ns?
[DM]: I can't use my strife Specibus, since my h4nds are t1ed.
[DM]: You wouldn't h4ppen to h4ve knowledge pert41n1ng to the meteor 1'm on and 1f there 4re any sh4rp th1ngs that c4n bre4k these ch41ns, would you?
[DM]: Or know 4nyone who 1 c4n troll, to p4ss the t1me.

[FL]: MEteor?
[FL]: oh shit. youre on tHE MEteor NOw? FUCKing fantastic.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: remind ME. why do you want to be free again? you might HURT some of your new friENDs.

DM: Heh, 1t fuck1ng hurts, that's why.
[DM]: 4ctu4lly, 1 don't know why 1 want to be free, but who c4res?

[FL]: i do for one. i wouldnt want anything to happen to our friENDs. NOt yet anyway.
[FL]: i would suggest chilling out for a little bit. just let this whole motHERFUCKing RAGE blow over.
[FL]: maybe even surrENDer and let yourself be CONfined.
[FL]: just a suggestion brotHER. from one HIGHBLOOD to aNOtHER.

[DM]: You know th4t 1'll prob4bly forget th1s convers4t1on altogether, when I stop being sober.
[DM]: But 1 w1ll not just g1ve up 4 ch4nce to h4ve some fun.
[DM]: 1 th1nk 1'm go1ng to g1ve our mir4culously-blooded friend 'pe4ceful' dreams. Go1ng to h4ve fun us1ng my chucklevoodo before 1 4ll up 4n' g1ve up..
[DM]: 1'll let myself be c4ught for now, s1nce 1 don't w4nt our fr1ends th1nk1ng b4d of me.
[DM]: 1 th1nk 1 l1ke you, 1'll keep 1n touch 1f 1 ever go sober 4gain.

[FL]: miraculously BLOODed? oh. you MEan taroql?
[DM]: Hehehe, trolls bleed when they h1t the ground, 4nd who else could 1 be t4lk1ng 4bout?
[DM]: Unless, there 1s 4nother troll w1th m1r4culous blood th4t 1 don't know 4bout.

[FL]: HEs NOt asleep. HEs FUCKing DEAD.
[FL]: at least for NOw.
[FL]: and dont FUCK with zuriik.
[FL]: HEs vitally important to my PLAN.
[FL]: as are you. but less so.
[FL]: besides. HEs about to UNDERgo a ratHER drastic change of worldly perspective.
[FL]: you dont need to give him NIGHTMAREs.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe

[DM]: Cruc1al? F1ne, 1s there anyth1ng 1 c4n vent my r4ge on?
[DM]: 1 w4nt to see th1s ch4nge 1n perspective myself, so 1'll l4y off the motherfucker.
[DM]: Brother, do you h4ve 4ny 1dea who wrote th1s m4nu4l 1 w4s suppl1ed with?
[DM]: 1'm guessing 1t's you, but 1t 1s written 1n my blood color 4nd the wr1ter knew qu1te 4 b1t of person4l stuff.

[FL]: i dont really give a shit who you FUCK over. just NOt zuriik. or nepeta. or karkat. youll kNOW tHEm all soon eNOugh.
[FL]: vriska on tHE otHER hand.
[FL]: tHE spiderbitch has it coming.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: as for your manual. i dont really kNOw. i NEVER really cared eNOugh to find out.
[FL]: though i can tell you that it wasnt ME.

[DM]: Sorry for the quest1ons brother, but 1'm t1red of be1ng left 1n the dark.
[DM]: The t1cks and tocks 4re gett1ng louder 4s well, be4utiful sounds.
[DM]: 1'm go1ng to see who the other purple-blooded troll on th1s meteor 1s.
[DM]: Who 4re k4rk4t 4nd Nepet4?

[FL]: some of tHE unluckiest motHERFUCKers this side of myself.
[FL]: karkats tHE crabby one. HEs a FUCKing SCUMBLOOD.
[FL]: nepeta has an adorable CAT fetish and a shipping wall that makes ME want to hurl.
[FL]: tHEy are very FUCKing important.

[DM]: 1'd ask wh4t th1s plan of your's 1s, but then 1t wouldn't be 4s exc1t1ng to exper1ence.
[DM]: 1'm guessing nepet4 1s the one 1 see 1n the dre4ms.
[DM]: 1 love Derse's color scheme, since 1t's purple.
[DM]: 1'll spe4k to you l4ter, s1nce 1 th1nk one of our fr1ends h4s found my h1d1ng spot.
[DM]: Bye, brother.

[FL]: see you on tHE flipside FUCKer.
fragmentaryLast [FL] has ceased trolling dementedManic [DM]

The Omega smiled with near triumph. His plan was coming together, all the pieces falling into place. It was only a matter of time before things came full circle. Then. Then, they would all die.