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Snippet #2279249

located in Chapter 2 - How they survived, a part of Antiva Chronus Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Chapter 2 - How they survived

How exactly did players survive this death game filled with deadly monsters, diseases and danger on every step?


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Character Portrait: Asher Damons (a.k.a. The Voice of Treason) Character Portrait: Canon
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The Voice of Treason’s health bar started to turn from gray back into the red. Asher started to stir during this process, and found himself completely open and against a wall. His vision was still blurry, and any sound heard still sounded distant.

Asher shook his head a few times, then looked at the scene that unfolded before him. Canon, or Kanna, was currently fighting not the multitude of minotaurs, but the boss. It looked like Kanna had the advantage of speed, forcing the boss to block all her attacks. But for some reason, she can’t hit the thing and do massive amounts of damage.

Asher glanced up to the boss’s and Kanna’s health bars. The boss had four levels of health. It still was a little under half-way drained. Kanna, however, wasn’t doing so hot. Her health bar is extremely low, and he saw Kanna being cautious with her attacks. This was the main sign that a weapon is about to break. Shit… Asher thought. I need to get up and fight…

However, none of his spells in his arsenal didn’t have a knockback effect, nor were they THAT strong. Any attack would seem useless until…


Asher looked down to his side to see a blinking icon. Asher touched it, and saw a menu of his stats. This menu gave him hope. The level number, which used to be 24, had turned to 25. The level up points appeared above the few main stats that made up his battle performance- at least, coming from the game.

5 points remaining. It said. Asher tapped the main stats that he would use against this boss. Strength. Dexterity. Speed. Endurance. Strength. That was the order Asher tapped the stats, and they rose by one. The Voice of Treason felt himself get stronger, and yet another window opened up before he fully stood.

Assault Slash
Tempest Reversal
Somersault Kick
Critical Heart Break

Asher smiled. Every one of these skills would provide more options to combo enemies and cause even more devastating damage. However, that last skill, Critical Heart Break would be extremely be of use right now. Asher closed the window, and looked on to what was happening right now. Kanna was on the ground. Her health bar was only a sliver of what it was before when it was at maximum. The Sword of Elinsore was cracked as well. The boss itself was high in the air, carrying dual blades in contrast to the lone sword before, and slashed down in a manner similar to Assault Slash.

Something snapped inside Asher. Suddenly, he chanted his newly discovered spell. ”Feel your heart beat for the last time… “ Lightning started to crackle in the Voice of Treason’s right hand. It slowly took the form of a large spear, and the spear turned into a scarlet red. Asher brought up his spear in hand and spun it. It stopped spinning, pointed at the boss. ”Critical Heart Break!”

The spear flew through the air in a flash, and it struck the boss in its side. Not only did it cancel its attack, but the attack knocked the boss away from the fallen Canon. For a few moments, it was in a daze, trying to figure out what had just happened. It slowly got up, and faced Canon… behind the blade of The Voice of Treason.

“A….sher?” The confused Kanna asked.

Asher smirked. “I told you… It’s foolish to go up against a pack of monsters on your own...” He said. Asher swung his sword in various ways and pointed it at the boss, The Fallen King Archeron. “However, I guess it couldn’t be helped. Sorry I let myself be knocked out…” He said. His face was full of confidence, confidence that this boss will be defeated.