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located in Japan, a part of Fruits Basket: N Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Yoshino Mei Sohma Character Portrait: Kenjiko Tobu Hima
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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino put up her hand with her response on her lips, turning to look at the teacher only to catch sight of the doodle on Kenji's page as it slowly blossomed from random lines to become a tree with a pile of leaves and a tiger lying in them. The tiger was what caught her eye and the sight of it caused the Sohma to fall silent and pull her hand back down, shaking her head as Hama-sensei paused to look at her curiously before continuing in his own speech.

The tiger.. how..?

Curious, piercing red eyes shot over to the raven haired male as he boredly added to his drawing. Only to be pulled from his daydream-like state by the raised voice of the bespectacled teacher at the front of the class and result in his jump up from his seat, his notepad flying under Yoshino's own desk. The female's eyes widened as she raised her legs up to avoid being hit by the bound book of paper, her face pale as she stared down at the offensive drawing.

Not that it was truly offensive to her but.. it struck to close to home, what with the curse of the Tiger being her infliction..

Yoshino shook her head free of these troublesome thoughts as she quickly bent and picked up the pad, flipping it closed and hiding it under her now closed notebook. She raised her hand and stood as she was called upon.

"To myself," she started, her voice musical despite the plain topic, "I feel that Soseki-san is speaking of how dead and tired one can feel, especially during the cold winter months, and the lack of energy to fuel other emotions that would otherwise become apparent, say, during a time of warmth and cheer." She bowed as she returned to her seat, only to hear the bell sound as she did so.

Hama-sensei was quiet as he nodded, clearly giving her theory some thought, before looking to the rest of the class who waited in their seats. They were staring expectantly at the teacher who, now, spoke. "I'll see you all after break to continue speaking about your thoughts on this Haiku."

With that said, every student rose from their seats and gathered their things together to run off and see their friends for the few minutes they had before classes resumed. Yoshino, on the other hand, gathered her belongings and piled them into her bag before swiftly exiting the classroom and rushing down the hall with the grace of the tiger.


Yoshino found Kenji by the withered old cherry blossom tree she, herself, often sat by within a few minutes of searching. God, he was nearly as predictable as she was!

"Hey, Hima-san!" Yoshino wasn't one to call someone by first name unless asked, nor one to not use honourifics. The notepad the male had dropped was in her hands though she didn't hand it to him as she came to a stop a few feet from him. Instead, Yoshino very purposely opened the pad and flipped through a few of the pages. Her expression was rather blank, though her eyes were narrowed, as she glanced at several drawings before snapping the book closed and holding it out toward Kenji. "Here, you left this in the classroom." She watched him for his response to her Alpha-female act, the way she only behaved when she felt threatened or as if the family secret was threatened. And, well, she felt as though it was but decided to play it off with a small smile.

"Your drawings are very good," the pink haired female murmured, her voice soft as she made a motion as though to leave. "I couldn't help but notice the one you were making in Japanese Literature," she added before waving her hand to the pad that Kenji now held. "But the others are.. wow." Her expression showed her sincerity as she sent another smile toward Kenji.