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Snippet #2283028

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Avalin Seranu

As Avalin concluded her defense, she watched his reaction with a genuinely bold smile. However she was somewhat uneasy as to how he might react. Above all else, she was hoping that he wouldn’t just take her for a lunatic and completely blow her off and remain right where he was. She was fairly certain she had addressed this situation properly, but then again….

She consciously kept herself at the same position, leaning against the bars as he looked her over with wary consideration. Despite her own outward appearance, her eyes were wide and her body language simply screamed nervous excitement. More and more Lynn was getting the feeling that he’d choose to go with her, so she bit her lower lip softly with bated breath. Seconds were ticking away in her mind, only adding to her adrenaline levels.

His next action caught her attention quickly enough, the time completely fleeing her mind, and as his fingers brushed against his shirt at his shoulder, about two questions came to mind. But now definitely wasn’t the time- besides, she herself considered it rude to ask about anyway. Once the motion stopped, her eyes shifted up to his facial features, and her previous beliefs began to dwindle a bit as a frown etched onto his lips.

And then all was resolved as he met her own eyes, smirked, and then nodded. A silent breath of relief escaped her lips, and then they turned up in a bright grin at his next comment. "Well aren't you a bearcat?" Avon simply shrugged with a cheerful, all-too-innocent look on her facials, already giddy to get a move on and meet up with the others. The mutant thereafter rose from his position and stepped forward from the enclosure to pass by her with a few steps before stopping.

Avalin’s eyes widened as this winged boy simply paused there to fix a few buttons as if this were the most nonchalant scene ever experienced. She let out a breath of laughter towards him while she thought to herself, ’Well, he sure is cocky.’ The thought was good natured- a tease that never passed her lips.

Lynn pushed off of the bars as he walked on towards the opening of the tent, rolling her eyes with an unbelieving grin. She definitely didn’t expect such boldness, and for a second she could almost hear her mother’s voice scolding her for such folly. She should have been able to realize how he’d act by the way he’d responded to her earlier that day.

As the winged boy glanced back to her, she took it as her queue to get a wiggle on. She walked up towards him, her mouth opening to ask him the question the three had agreed on, but he had beat her to it. "There are some other people I'm going to try and get out here." She stopped a few feet from him, that same surprised grin on her face. "I'm Ezekiel." Avon looked up at him, and then smiled warmly. “Avalin.” She responded to him, rather relieved that she knew his name now and didn’t have to find some name that would inevitably end up being rather… awkward.

She stopped at the tent door flap as he took a step outside to survey the area. He obviously knew where he was going- Lynn sure didn’t. However, she definitely did not expect him to do what he did next. As his hand enclosed over her wrist, shivers ran down her spine, and the lightest of blushes dusted over her cheeks. She quickly chalked it up to the tension and adrenaline running through her system, and allowed herself to be dragged along.

The two soon ended up near a small trailer, and he released his grip on her, to stand there and keep a look out as he spoke with the others. Ezekiel suddenly turned and snatched the tool from her hand, which got a startled look out of Ava, though she made no noise, thankfully.

He was remarkably faster than she had been, and he returned to her side once more. "You're not a first time caper, are you?" A sheepish look scrawled across her facial features, and she muttered softly back an answer. “Well… I’m not a stranger to it anyway.” Though she hardly ever had to anyway for two reasons, one being Jack, the other being that people usually liked her well enough anyway. But she didn’t say that; now wasn’t the time for explanations.

Ezekiel apparently was having somewhat the same thoughts as he remarked that they should continue moving. Lynn nodded with only a word of about where they should be headed. So the two continued on, making rather good time, all the meanwhile Ava was hoping that they wouldn’t run into any problems.

She was on his left as they made their way forward, and actually had a bit more of a vantage point. Ezekiel turned back to flash her a smile, but her eyes only lingered for a split second before being distracted by a flicker of movement up ahead.

Having been running on adrenaline for practically the last hour, Ava sprang into action, her mind already dividing into about three different directions- but it was fight or flight mode, and she obviously had to choose flight. It hardly even mattered who it was- whether friend or foe, it was leagues better to be safe than sorry. Her lips had began to part slightly to alert him that something was amiss, but all that came out was a rush of air, and she sprang forward, pushing her hands into his turned shoulder with her bodyweight behind it in order to catch him off balance. She was aiming for some crates and barrels a few feet away, hoping for some sort of concealment in a split second decision.

There was a soft ’thump’ as Ezekiel’s form hit the ground with Avalin pressed right on top of him. At least she was light. Her eyes were rather wide, and her arms were close to his chest. Without another second to waste, she shifted her hand over his mouth in attempts to prevent him from making any noise and shifted herself forward for at least a little more comfort. She winced ever so slightly, hoping first that he wasn’t hurt and second praying to anything and everything out there that whoever was passing by wouldn’t come over and investigate, or if they did, would assume they were lovers or something.

At that thought her cheeks flushed once more, but she still inclined her face fractionally, hoping that it would make the appearance more believable. At least her mind was functioning at… more or less a better pace, although Avalin thought her heartbeat was so loud that the stranger passing would certainly be able to hear it. Her body shielded most of Ezekiel’s anyway, so hopefully he wasn’t recognizable, and it was night time, so that should give further assistance to their plight.