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located in Moscow, Russia, 2021, a part of Haze: The Administrator, one of the many universes on RPG.

Moscow, Russia, 2021



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Stefan peered through a gap in the boards affixed to his front window, examining his lawn as a pang of anxiety shot through his body. He hadn't spoken to any of his friends in the neighborhood in over two weeks. He NEEDED to meet up with them. There was no way he was gonna survive in the new world alone. He had been living the past 2 weeks in perpetual worry. He didn't know if his friends were even alive.

The grass outside had shriveled up and died in many places, but a few patches were still fighting. Everything was drenched in a sickly yellow mist. The Haze. It was like a fog had settled all across the globe, so thick, it could almost be considered solid. He grit his teeth as he thought about the greedy CEO's that had caused this whole thing. He heard the news report before the power went out. He held no empathy for people like that. Stefan held a moist shred of an old Metallica T-Shirt to his lips as he looked, hoping to filter out the small amount of Haze that had permeated his home. He stepped back from the window and looked around his room, all the while tying the t-shirt shred around his mouth.

All of his furniture had gone to barricading his home. Chairs, tables, lamps, shelves, couches, everything. It had pained him at first to make a complete mess of his home, but he soon realized the world wouldn't be the same again; at least within his lifetime. The only bit of furniture he left was his desk. Upon it sat his pride and joy; his computer. That piece of technology was his livelihood. He made money through it, and spent money on it. It was a big part of his life, and he was dreading letting it go. Although, in second place for his favorite thing ever, was Stefan's laptop.

It had been charging as long as it could before the power went out. He knew he should have invested in some sort of independent power source. Solar or hand-crank or something. Too late now. Stefan figured that if there was anything electronic or computer-esque out there, his laptop and knowledge may be of some use. Next to his laptop and computer was a near-empty bottle of pills. Stefan shuddered and bit his lip, trying to forget his dwindling supply. He had schizophrenia. Auditory hallucinations. He only had enough to hold them off for about 3 more days. He HAD to find more. and SOON.

He had boarded up all his windows and nailed sheets over, as to not let any light in or out. His house was awfully small, but space seemingly perpetuated from the removal of furniture. He scratched his chin then zipped up his vest; it had gotten colder since the power went out about a week ago. Stefan strode back to his desk and sat down on an old bucket he found in his garage to resume his project. In a pile was an assortment of different kinds of batteries, a coil of copper wire he cannibalized from his vacuum cleaner, and then his dead phone. "Dammit, Stefan..." he silently berated himself for not making sure his phone was charged before the power went out.

He planned on charging his phone with the batteries. He didn't know much about electronics, but he figured if he cut the mini-USB end along with an inch or so of wire from his charger and spliced the wired together, his phone would acquit some charge. Or not. What did he have to lose? He was so wrought with anxiety from his lack of contact with the only people he held dear in the world, he would give anything a shot.

After an awful lot of trial and error, a few cuts, and one startling electrocution, Stefan was able to charge his phone to a decent 34%. Shaking with anticipation, he dialed the first number he thought of. Josephine. He held the phone to his ear, a bit of sweat forming at his brow. "Please be okay, please be okay, PLEASE be okay..." He chanted under his breath as the phone rang. Surprisingly, cellular communications weren't down yet. At least in his area.