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Snippet #2285092

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Samael Barker Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Samael Barker
[ Torture Circus - Daemon Trailer ]

Sleep came only in brief shifts, as light and fleeting as a butterfly indecisively grazing its perch. The fair-haired youth lay curled on his side in his cage, but for most of the evening, as always, his pitch dark eyes sat open, staring hollowly at nothing like the blank eyes of a doll. His head rested on his arm, and his coat was pulled overtop of him as a makeshift blanket.

His gaze flickered up to the small trailer window at a hushed, insistent voice, from which he recognized his name - and after the voice continued, he recognized its owner. The winged boy, Ezekiel, making another escape attempt. He hadn't tried in some time, as far as Sam was aware. Stupid shit. Yet, it was strange of the mutant to have invited him along. They weren't exactly close, and it was rare for Zeke to drag anybody into his escape schemes. Something must have made this one different. Deciding he would be indifferent to further punishment anyways, Samael sat up as he heard Zeke move around to the trailer door, and then the clinking of its lock. He pulled his blazer on and slowly moved to stand, in no rush despite Zeke's apparent urgency.

He overheard the other boy talking to somebody as he moved off, and vaguely wondered just how big this escape operation was. Still - with zero regard for the other Daemon mutant in the cage beside his - Sam pushed the door open and hopped down. He took a moment to stretch, his frame sore and stiff from lying perfectly still for so many hours, before trailing after his winged coworker. He spotted the boy ahead walking alongside a dark-haired girl... He didn't recognize her from his distance, but he supposed he would see who it was in time.

The notion did not cross Samael's mind that it could be anyone outside the circus - or even a human, for that matter. No human would ever be in league with their lot.

Sam continued trailing some ways behind Zeke and his companion, watching when the girl abruptly tackled the winged mutant behind some crates. Sam followed their cue, darting behind a food stand to his right. He crouched and peered around the corner of the stand to monitor the other two, and see if he could spot whatever approaching danger they had picked up on. He felt his muscles brace with the beginnings of adrenaline; it felt good to have the freedom to really put them to use. It felt good to break from routine... and the more he savored this freedom, the tougher the time he would give anyone who tried to take it from him.