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located in Japan, a part of Fruits Basket: N Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Suzume Nakashima
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Suzume Nakashima

"Mother" Suzume called, "Will you come and tie this for me I can't manage it this morning?". Soon the padding of socked feet coming upstairs was heard and then a sigh in the doorway.

"Suzume, really you're 19 I'm sure you can manage dressing yourself" her mother rested a hand gently on her hip giving her a look of annoyance.

"Mother I cut my finger chopping vegetables yesterday and it's making this tie very difficult". Suzume tried to do it again but it kept slipping from her bandaged finger. Her mother sighed wiped her hands on the apron she was wearing, walked over and tied the string on the crimson red Hakama.

"There I got, now you need to get going you're running late and you know how Grandpa gets when you're late on your days at the shrine" Suzume's mother smiled at her daughter then reached up and tucked a piece of her daughter's hair neatly behind her ear. "Always a mess even when you're on time, so it's a disaster when you're late" she teased.

Suzume blushed in embarrassment, grabbed her bag filled with manga, a change of clothes, and homework for her to work on if it's slow at the shrine... which it usually was.

Respectfully she nodded to her mother, "Alright mama I'm off now" and she turned to go out the door.

Her mother gasped "Suzume-chan your bento is on the kitchen counter don't forget to grab it on your way out" she called down the stairs.

Suzume nodded and grabbed the bento box quickly "Thanks mother, I see you later this afternoon good bye" she called back.

The middle aged woman watched as her daughter walked up the front walk way out the gate and on her way. "Take care my little girl" she mumbled into the empty bedroom.

Suzume didn't notice her mother looking down at her from the upstairs window she was too busy thinking about the Sohma house. She had lived several blocks away from the vast estate her entire life, and for some reason she was always drawn to it. Even after hearing stories of curses and being warned by her mother and grandfather to stay away from the house or anyone that happens to come in or out of it. She didn't understand why such cations should be taken especially when she was told on the other hand that things like curses and magic weren't true.

As she waked on her way to the shrine that her grandfather ran, Suzume watched the morning hustle bustle as people hurried off to school or work. It was soon that she spied the corner beginning the Sohma's land boundaries, as she approached the corner she stood there for a moment. She had sat in front of the Sohma house as a child and was approached by a young boy from inside. She knew of course that he was no longer a boy now, and probably not much older than herself. But still the mental image of the dark haired boy sticking his head out the front gate lingered in her head.

She stopped in front of the gate to the main estate, it was tall and wooden, the slates of wood just far enough apart for Suzume to peer through the spaces in between. She looked around to see if anyone was around that she knew, knowing well that if word got back to her mother or grandfather that she had even glanced at the Sohma house would he a sore spot indeed. When she was sure the coast was clear she walked up to the gate and peeped through. The grounds surrounding the house were beautiful gardens with all kinds of flowers and trees like the house itself had just grown in the midst of a grand garden. There were clear beautiful ponds, that Suzume had always wondered if there were Koi. She could hear the trickling of water and the sound of the shishi-odoshi, it's distinct sound of the bamboo hitting stone after filling and spilling the water. She smiled wondering what it might be like to live in such a grand place as the Sohma house. The house's were built int he old world style but Suzume had always thought of the houses as cozy and welcoming.

She sighed for a moment not really seeing anyone, "Well it seems quiet around here, really Suzume how can you hold onto something that happened so long ago. Are you really so foolish and childish?" she spoke to herself.

If her brother had been there he would have teased her and made a comment about that being the first sign that someone has gone mad. But then again he never really had ever said anything kind or compliment her. She had always been his "annoying" baby sister that he really didn't want around. It was then that a group of sparrows in the court yard pecking around for little insects and seeds on the ground landed around the foot of a large tree. She couldn't help but think of her grandmother who had passed away nearly ten years before. "Come my little Suzume" she would say, gently calling to her Suzume could remember sitting in her lap for what seemed like hours just listening to her stories. "Some day little one you'll have something grand and great to do, even though you are small never think yourself unimportant my Suzume". With a smile she still peered through the Sohma's gate unaware of things going on around her.