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Snippet #2288832

located in Canterlot, a part of Against a Hive, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Canterlot, or what's left of it. The changlings have ransacked most of the buildings and love-drain pods are found everywhere. Anypony that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time would be forced to pay the new "love tax".


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As her guards dragged the prisoner into the room, he was bound and gagged immediately. The last 3 times she let the prisoners talk, they always managed to either spit out a huge amount of insults or make some snide remarks. Chrysalis didn't like when the love-sacks talked back. It was always fun to have the first, last and only words.

After all, who DARES question the Queen of the Changeling Empire? Who DARES badmouth her, the fairest in all the land (OOC: Pfft, Luna is better...)!

On top of that, she, as an Alicorn Changeling, sensed something odd about this bruised earth pony, as if there was some kind of magic around him. His magical scent was pungent enough to make her half faint even before he came crashing through her new ceiling.

N-not that anything anything would make HER faint, she that was and is the mother of the grandest and most populous race of all the world!

Getting back to the subject...

But that was just impossible, how could a mud pony like this 'Doctor' have MAGIC?

That, she was going to find out.

Because, ladies and gentlecolts, your once and future Queen, is not only the prettiest of all the land, she is also the most brilliant female you'll ever meet! Obviously, the ideal way to find medical thingys out is by sticking as many needles as you can into the said thingy

"Isn't that right, Doctor?"

There wasn't a reply from the gagged pony.

"I thought so!" she exclaimed, leaning over the stallion with a syringe. She ripped his gag off, as she pleasured in the sounds ponies made in these types of situations.

(OOC: There! something for you to roleplay about!)