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Snippet #2290526

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī
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Danavel didn't care on bit about the other troll, but he might as well make an ally. His mind was slowly leaning towards sanity, so his thoughts were becoming more like he was before. He had all the time in the universe, since he didn't plan on dying, yet. He heard someone coming down to where he was, so he turned towards the direction of the noise. "Sup, how you doing?" He was smiling a bit crazily, but he appeared to have lost the crazed look in his eyes. He didn't feel as if the Dark carnival spoken of in a religion on Alternia, but he thought that the idea of the carnival seemed interesting. He could finally make sense of what the manual said, but he wouldn't after he went sane. "Forgive me for asking highblood, but what are you doing here?" Equis was the lucky troll who got to see Danavel, but Danavel wasn't going to kill anyone and compromise his image. "Nothing, but what gives you the right to question me?" He was acting like people his blood color should act, but this was only a side-effect of Sopor withdrawal. "I am sorry highblood, but I was merely conveying a question I was ordered to ask." Equis had been told to ask Danavel what he was up to, but Danavel wasn't going to simply reveal his plans. "I command you to break these handcuffs, now." Danavel didn't enjoy being suppressed and he could do a lot of damage without his cuffs, yet he wasn't planning to do anything, yet. "As you wish." Equius was happy that a highblood was finally acting the way royalty should, since Gamzee was a high purple-blood who wouldn't be sober for a while.

Equius broke Danavel's handcuffs and Danavel could finally stand up. He rubbed his hands where they were sore from being cuffed. It didn't hurt too much, but it was bothersome. Danavel would enjoy being immortal, but he wasn't afraid of death. "Take me to the rest of the trolls. I believe that I haven't been able to …." He stopped abruptly and his body convulsed quickly, since he was finally returning to his normal self. He covered his face with his hands, but this was only an instinctive response. The pain of withdrawal quickly subsided and he was his normal self once again. "Highblood?" Equius noticed the sudden convulsion of Danavel, but Equius didn't know what this meant. "Huh, do I know you?" His voice wasn't as threatening and he had no maniacal smile. He wasn't going to continue acting like trolls of his blood color 'should', since he wasn't sober. He was slouching, his face paint was messy, and he had a tired look. "No, but I think it shall be best to take you to the other trolls." Equius still couldn't figure out what happened, but he decided to follow the order given to him previously and not worry about Danavel. Danavel was a bard in another timeline, but that timeline was one where he had slime before entering the game. That timeline was doomed from the beginning, but that timeline wasn't meant to be the Alpha timeline. Danavel and Equius went towards the location of the other trolls. Danavel examined all the other trolls and he saw that there was soot next to a computer, but he had no idea what that soot was there for. He noticed a horn pile in the middle of the room, so he picked up a horn and he squeezed it. It made a "honk", so Danavel decided that he would keep it. He put the horn in his inventory, it was organized into a group called Clown. "Hello, brother. How's it all up and going?" Gamzee was as carefree as ever, ignoring the fact that Aradiabot just exploded. "Hello. Your name is?" Danavel was interested in this purple-blood, since Gamzee didn't appear to want to kill Danavel without a moments hesitation. "Gamzee Makara, aren't names simply miraculous?" Gamzee introduced himself. Danavel was utterly baffled as to how this highblood could be so strange. "I guess. Nice talking to you, but I think I need to do something." Danavel was slightly suspicious of Gamzee's nature, since he thought that it was strange for someone to be calm and whimsical. Danavel simply stood there, waiting for someone to approach him and talk to him.