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Chapter One- The Ad



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Cole Adams

The sound of Song for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age rocked the small car, undoubtedly pushing the speakers close to their limit. It was a wonder they hadn't blown out yet after so many years of abuse. Then again, that wasn't exactly Cole’s problem seeing as how it wasn't her car. Her right temple rested heavily against the cool glass as the black-haired male next to her tapped his hands against the wheel in time with the music, a thick pair of black shades resting a bit too far down on his nose.

“How close are we?” Cole said, gaining no response due to her voice immediately being lost in the music. She rolled her eyes a bit, smiling to herself about how nothing at all had changed since the last time she saw her older brother. He had agreed to let her stay at his flat last night since it was closer to her destination, albeit by only ten minutes, and the two of them chose to get pizza together and catch up. It was some welcome quality time seeing as how she probably wouldn't get the chance to see, well, Chance again before the meteor hit in three weeks. Sitting up straight again, she looked out the window to see the sparkle in the sky that indicated Matilda— she felt a slight shiver go down her spine at the thought of the oncoming tragedy.

Trying to push that from her mind, Cole leaned over towards the driver’s side of the car so she could get a better view of the GPS that was mounted on the dashboard and was surprised to see that they only had a few more turns to make before they arrived. She slumped back in her seat, reaching up a hand to run through her hair—she normally didn't spend a lot of time on it, anyways, so it always had that slightly messy, fresh-out-of-bed look. The car jerked to a stop and the music stopped abruptly.

“I’m not helpin’ ya with your bags.” Chance said simply, one hand resting on the wheel while the other was on the gear shift. Cole rolled her eyes once again, grabbing her grey drawstring bag from the floorboard and tugged it over her shoulder, opening her door and stepping out. She took a moment to look over the hood of the car to see an RV and a few people gathered at the doorway of what she assumed to be Noella’s home. She then pulled open the back door and took her overstuffed red and white duffel bag out, resting the strap on her other shoulder. “Have a good time and all that jazz. Gimme a call sometime.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” With that, a small wave and a nod of the head, the music in the silver car started up again and it sped off, leaving Cole fully facing the apartment. She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and walked up to the few people just after another male, who only appeared to be a few years older than her. “Evening.” Cole said with a half-smile, looking over the features of her new travelling companions.