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Snippet #2307909

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Happy Noko Character Portrait: Mark Williams Character Portrait: Jack Kempton Character Portrait: Evangeline Davis Character Portrait: Ester Pradin
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The sleeping form paid no attention to the group as it found him, even as the young woman tripped over a protruding post and fell but inches from his face. When she began to push him onto his back, the prone male moved easily enough, his body featherlight, as he was thin enough as it was, and between his fits and the way the mutations were kept in this place, he didn't get much to eat, and he worked most of it off one way or another. Once on his back, arms trapped under him, his chest began to contract and expand, quickly expelling all the sedative from his lungs. He moaned softly as he came to, the leg that was chained to the pole twisted awkwardly and a sensation of numbness permeating his body. One silver eye slid open, then the other, and his body convulsed slightly, muscles strained by the awkward position. Confused, the male began struggling, trying vainly to sit up.

When he'd decided that sitting up was not a viable options, thanks in part to the elevated, twisted state of his leg and because his arms were still tied behind his back, so he could not push himself up, he lay still, his head falling to one side, blinking away the fuzziness in his brain. As he did so, the first thing his eyes landed on was a girl. He flinched away in surprise, but recovered after the few seconds it took to reorient himself. "G'mornin', doll." He said cheerfully, his voice muted because it was so raw and thick. "Mind telling me where I am? I don't recall noddin' off here."

Another spasm claimed him for a moment and he had to grit his teeth through the pain of his muscles straining at his leg, trying to pull it away from the chain as his entire body seemed to curl into his core. He recovered quickly though, and as he looked up again he recognized Ester and Happy. "Lo' Ester, Lo' Happy!" He said smiling at the two. "This is just ducky, are we all here? What's going on?" The dizziness was quickly fading away, though he was still confused he'd quickly returned to his cheerful self, which was no surprise. He blinked after a second, however, realizing that it was extremely dark out. What? That...didn't make sense. This wasn't morning?

The confusion spread suddenly across his face, furrowing his brow and focusing his silver eyes on Esther in an unspoken question. It was nighttime. The girl before him was unfamiliar, and there was another lad in the group too who he didn't know. There were many things wrong with the situation, he hadn't been conscious at night in a very long time, but he knew that most everyone was locked up once the sun hit the horizon, so how were they out? That made no sense at all.

There was a more pressing matter, however, one that Mark couldn't know. Just how they would get him free now that he was conscious was a very curious notion, as he couldn't stand any of them being that close to him. Already he could feel the pressing horrors of the future in the back of his mind, soft, maddening whispers that would only set him off if anyone drew nearer. But there was one silent creature within the bunch, something that Mark had noticed earlier but did not recognize now. Evie made no sound, she emitted no signal for his brain to pick up, but he couldn't feel her empty space among the others when everyone was so close and he was so disoriented still.