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Snippet #2311799

located in London, England, a part of Young Master/Mistress and Butler/Maid., one of the many universes on RPG.

London, England

London is London, that's all there is to it!


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Character Portrait: Katherine Prescott Character Portrait: Luthais Rae Character Portrait: Daileass Taveon Character Portrait: Eliab Othniel Character Portrait: Sasha Pavlichenko Character Portrait: Roland Croisseux Character Portrait: Camryn Shaffer
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Katherine Prescott

Katherine looked to Eliab as he spoke in Norwegian. "Why thank you." She smiled with a little head tilt. "Well, I only changed because the outfit I was previously wearing felt too stiff to dance in. Those two on the other hand..." She pointed to Roland and Camryn "They seemed like they dressed all out for it." Shrugging, the two dance instructors motioned for everyone to come together. "And besides, the joke wasn't that bad." She began walked to the center of room, giggling a little to herself.

"Gather around everyone! I am your dance instructor Laney and this is my partner Gregory." The female said, and then gestured to the man standing next to her. They shortly explained what the class was going to be about. "The first dance we'll be learning over the next few weeks will be the Waltz. Some of you may already know how to dance the waltz, others may not." Laney started the music, and then Gregory and her displayed the basic box step of the waltz, and described what needed to be done for both the female and male steps. Once finished, they told everyone to practice the steps alone then get a partner and try it.

Kat let out a very quiet sigh. She didn't think she was the best dancer, but the steps they were learning today seemed simple enough. Looking down at her feet, she began doing the box step, softly counting "1, 2, 3..." to herself. She groaned, feeling like she wasn't doing the steps right.


Roland Croisseux

After practicing the steps alone, Roland looked to Camryn and gave her his signature charming smile. "Cam, I'm going to ask that cute, yet familiar girl over there to be my dance partner for today. The short one. I hope you don't mind." With that, he walked over to the petite dark honey brown haired girl. "Excuse me miss, but may I ask you to be my partner for this fine evening?" He asked, slightly bowing and holding out his hand, waiting for an answer.

The girl turned around and looked up at the jet black haired male. She blinked then looked around the room real quick. "Umm...Sure..." Her voice was questioning, but nevertheless, she took his hand and he started to lead her in the waltz. It was quiet the scene, she was at least 8 inches shorter than him.

"I'm Roland. Might I ask what your name is, cute?" Roland asked the girl, who looked up at him. "Katherine. Pleasure to meet you, Roland." She gave him a light smile. "The pleasure is all mine." He winked at her, but then clenched his teeth, as Katherine stepped on his foot. She backed away, putting her hands over her lips. "I'm so sorry, I'm not a good dancer." She apologized, but he waved it off as nothing. "It's fine...Really." Thank god, she wasn't wearing heels. He thought, letting out an inaudible sigh.


Camryn Shaffer

Camryn rolled her eyes when Roland went off to as some girl to be his dance partner for the day. What was the whole point in wearing matching outfits if he wasn't going to dance with her? It wasn't like she was jealous, she'd been his maid ever since they were little. It just annoyed her how he just had to flirt with every girl he sees. If he keeps this up, he'll never keep a girl for more than a week. Looking around, she tried to find someone who could be her partner.


Sasha Pavlichenko

Sasha finished up the self-practice box steps of the Waltz. She sighed, wondering why they were learning such a dance. She looked at a few other students and decided to ask the dark blonde male, who she'd seen in a class of hers. She walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me...Would it be okay if you were my partner for today?" She asked him, slightly shy to do so. He was a tad bit shorter than her, maybe an inch or two, but hopefully it wasn't a big deal. She felt a little embarrassed as most guys were asked female students.