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Snippet #2316767

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Samael Barker Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Avalin Seranu

Ava winced as she heard the crack, and cursed herself quietly for causing him pain. It was obviously his wings that had made that noise. If they got away, she’d definitely do her best to help correct it, but she honestly didn’t have any real medical experience. Maybe one of the other mutants would know what to do.

Avon easily heard the footsteps- they were impossibly loud, even louder than her own heartbeat. Her whole form tensed, and her eyes closed tightly, absolutely terrified that they would get caught and Ezekiel would be punished severely. However, her eyes opened almost immediately as she felt Zeke shifting underneath her and tensing. It only made her feel worse, because she knew he made the motion because of some sort of pain she had no doubt caused.

But the feeling passed rather quickly, as she was distracted by him grabbing her wrist softly and moving her hand from his mouth. Her gaze had quickly shifted out of natural reaction to see what he was doing, even though she already knew. But she suddenly realized just how awkward she had made their position, helping or no. She felt rather foolish, more-so embarrassed, for how she had reacted. A faint blush dusted her cheeks- ’from the adrenaline and awkwardness,’ Ava quickly supplicated an answer for her mind’s thoughts- and she blinked a little uneasily.

She wanted to whisper to him to let go of her wrist because he was sort of holding onto it a bit tighter than he had been and she was aware of it, when he let go rather quickly. The footsteps recaptured her attention, and her eyes flicked back over to the crates, holding a tight breath of panic. The sound was only getting closer, and the suspense was absolutely torture, when she felt the winged boy under her shudder, almost causing her to jump in surprise.

Luckily, she didn’t, but it did make the uncomfortable tensed position even worse. Lynn had a split second of just wanting to reveal their position just for the suspense to be over, but it was just as quickly passed over. A yell was heard from whoever it was near the crates, obviously being distracted by someone else. His boots picked up a bit more speed as whoever it was strode away from them towards the victims of his lecture, and Ava let out a loud breath of relief, her whole body going numb and limp.

Her gaze swept back to Zeke’s face, a momentarily exhausted smile on her face as she was recovering from the extra spike of adrenaline, to find him beaming up at her. The corners of her lips twitched up without her consent in reaction to the rare smile. She had never seen him smile- despite the fact she’d known him for less than a day- and she couldn’t help but flash an honestly giddy smile back at him. ’Gosh, what a lucky break!’ Avalin made the thought which went with the relieved smile.

"Cash or check?" The question caught her by surprise, but a laugh escaped her lips, taking it only as a joke. However, once she started laughing, she kind of couldn’t stop. It wasn’t loud laughter, mostly giggles anyway. She lifted her hand to her mouth quickly and clamped it over her lips, an embarrassed look scribbled on her face. Ava quickly regained her composure, a faint sheepish smile on her lips as she moved her hand a bit. “Uh, I swear I’m not crazy….” She tilted her head slightly with a faint, bold smile.

As she felt him move underneath her, she distractedly thought he was just trying to get into a more comfortable position, completely having forgotten about the more than awkward situation between them. Her gaze was focused on his with the only thing on her mind being the fact that they had gotten out of that situation unscathed, thus attributing to the momentary loss of wits. "I owe you big time - oh, and you can get off of me now." Her eyes widened and another blush flared up. “Ah, right, right!! Of course, sorry!” She stammered quickly, breaking the look without a second thought and then moving herself off of him the best she could in the somewhat confined space.

She sat next to him for a few moments with another sigh of relief. Afterwards, she picked herself up from the ground and stood up, stretching. “That was… exhilarating... and extremely terrifying.” Ava ran her hand through her hair for a moment before blinking and straightening out. She turned to Ezekiel and looked him over for a moment. “Everything Jake with you?” She paused for a moment before shifting from one foot to the other. “Never mind, you can tell me later,” Turning her head, Lynn looked over to where the man had disappeared, and a small shiver ran down her spine, “That man gives me the heebie-jeebies, we should probably get moving instead of talk…. I’m sorry about your wings, I didn’t mean to… y’know.” She added as an afterthought, despite having just said they should move rather than talk.

Avalin walked out from the crates back onto the path, sort of unsure what they should do now, whether they should keep going the same way, or take a different direction to avoid troubles.