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Snippet #2317042

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Happy Noko Character Portrait: Mark Williams Character Portrait: Jack Kempton Character Portrait: Evangeline Davis Character Portrait: Ester Pradin
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Evie and Mark Collab

Evie was surprised at how light the man was. Though he was thin and lanky, it should have been much more difficult for her to flip a full grown man over when he was dead weight like that. It caught her off guard as he thumped harder onto his back than she would have liked. Ester noticeable tensed up, seeming like she was bracing herself for something. Was there something Evie had done wrong? Would this man, Mark, be alright when he woke.

She carefully looked over him as he began to stir, still kneeling just a few inches from his shoulder on the dusty ground. She grabbed the liquid-soaked cloth the man had been laying on, and, when she faintly smelled the undeniable scent of chloroform, she balled it up and threw it as far away from them as she could. Which, knowing Evie's luck, was not far at all as it caught a breeze and drifted most of the way back. She heard a shout somewhere among the tents and her heart began to race, but it quickly faded to faint laughter. They needed to get a wiggle on. This place was giving her the jitters.

Her attention returned to the man, and she realized he was quite the rag-a-muffin. His hair hung in long, dirty tangles, his clothing, not to mention his face, looked like he had not washed in ages. One eye slowly blinked open, followed by the other. She realized then that she had moved him to an even more awkward position, his leg twisted uncomfortably as he tried unsuccessfully to sit up for a moment. His eyes landed on her and he started. Perhaps she should have said something so he would not have peen surprised.

The man quickly recovered his composure and said, "G'mornin', doll." His words were slurred and he still sounded very much drugged. "Mind telling me where I am? I don't recall noddin' off here."

Evie blushed slightly and stammered out, "Oh, well, I... I am not...." Before she could finish, the man convulsed slightly quickly noticing the others with Evie and greeting the two mutants. Thankfully, Ester explained and Evie did not have to. Her words sent a slight thrill down Evie's spine. "Eva over here was nice enough to give us the spring. We're getting outta here Mark." Evie smiled and nodded. Nothing could have convinced her that this was the wrong thing to do.

Seeing Ester's attention shift to the shackle that bound Mark to the post, Evie belatedly realized she was still grasping the ring of keys in her hand. Ester began worriedly pacing, and Evie realized they did not have the time to sit around and beat their gums. "Oh, right," she mumbled, somewhat embarrassed. She scooted over to Mark's ankle, looking through the keys until she found one that looked promising. "Just give me a sec and I'll get this right off," she said in a reassuring tone, leaning over his leg to get to the keyhole.
An awed, open-mouthed smile broke on Mark's features at Ester's words and the nod from the other jane. They were leaving? Wow, that was brave! And he got to come along too. It was almost screwy! Where would they go. Hopefully somewhere . But with less people than this place had. He trusted Esther, so there was not a doubt in his mind that she wasn't feeding him a line, but then again he trusted most everyone so it was rather regular. But they were leaving! He didn't even realize that rationally he couldn't leave yet because he was still chained up tight to the post, he was just happy to go. Mostly because Ester looked happy, and if Ester looked happy it was a good thing. Mark had never really contemplated escaping, he'd have no where to go and his condition was too bad to be on his own anyway. He'd relegated himself to this place without a second thought.

The smile slid right off his face when two things happened nearly at the same time. A worried look crossed Ester's face, coupled with ominous words, and the girl came nearer. Mark flinched heavily as if he'd just been struck, and if his arms had been free they would have risen to cover his head. No, no, no, they couldn't come near him. he didn't want them there. The stress alone was enough to make his body convulse, but he didn't fall into the mindless throes of a seizure, he just curled up like a shelfish. "Don't hurt me." He cried out under his breath, unable to catch enough air into his lungs to make the words any louder.

She was still there though, leaning over his leg, and he struggled to get away, just in case the effects of her nearness were merely belated and would hit him at any second. The only thing he succeeded in doing was flip himself back over onto his face, nose digging into the dirt. The darkness of the ground was enough for him though, so he buried his face into the hard dirt as if it could protect him, body trembling violently.
Evie was startled by Mark's panic, nearly falling back in her surprise, but instead she decided to hurry and get it over with. She had no intention of hurting him, so hopefully he would not panic any more than he just had. The poor man was trembling, as if she would beat him with the keys instead of setting him free. What kind of treatment had caused this reaction?

Without touching him, Evie deftly slid the key into the lock and turned it with a click. The shackle fell open, releasing the man's ankle as Evie let out a sigh and fell back onto her rear, looking around half scared that someone might have heard the clamor.
The moment his foot hit the ground Mark made his best effort to escape, though nothing bad had happened yet. He managed to scoot himself a bit forward, rolling over onto his back again. His head spun as he managed to sit up after another bout of spasms abated. A dry sob caught in his throat, making him wheeze, and his silver eyes were wild as he stared at the girl, who'd fallen over onto her tail. He was still shaking violently as he tried to calm himself down. Nothing had happened. It was okay. He was okay. She was far enough away now that nothing bad could sneak up on him.

She hadn't known it would hurt him, that much was obvious by the look on her face, but Mark couldn't help but fear. What if she came nearer again? Though, nothing had happened. Which was strange. His fits had gotten worse over the years, he wasn't immune to any kind of nearness now, everyone set him twitching. The quiet voices were just so terrible. But...Mark racked his brains. He hadn't hear anything but the quiet murmurs of Happy, Ester, and the other fella, who were all far enough away that they didn't do more than agitate him a slight bit.

She was silent, he realized for the second time in twenty-four hours. A nearly silent laugh coughed from his lips, which were upturned again, though he was still quaking terribly. Wasn't that just the bee's knees? She was silent. Either that or he was going batty.

Mark moved to stand up, but his arms just tugged at the rope that bound his wrists behind him, making him grimace. Oh yeah, he'd forgotten about that. His wrists were actually beginning to throb from all the tugging he'd just put them through. He squirmed a bit before finding the strength in his legs to stand, trembling like a baby deer. He took an unsteady, tentative step towards the jane, an unsure look on his face.
Evie still saw no one approaching, but she doubted their luck would hold for much longer. The terror on Mark's face made her heart hurt. She wanted to gather him in her arms and tell him it would be okay, like she did when one of her siblings had nightmares. This was neither the time or place, however, especially since she was the one who he was scared of at the moment.

For a moment, she thought there was a look of longing and disappointment on his features, but she thought it was probably just her imagination. He quickly began to look confused, then amused, as if he had not found something he expected and that pleased him. Evie had no clue what could be going through his mind, but at least he was not tied up and unconscious or scared stiff.

He tried to rise, hampered by his tied hands, before finally standing and taking a step towards her. She stood as well, looking at their little group a moment before saying, "Ummm, so...what's next?"