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located in Earth, a part of Pokemon: Silver Shadow, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Mason Mckee Character Portrait: Rain
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"Medicine? Sis?" Rain runs off into the direction of which The boy ran. Rain see's something that reflected a light back at him Laying on the ground, so as he runs past it he Picks it up with his Mouth and runs with it in it's mouth until a Figure of the Unconscious boy lays in front of him. "Get up." He mumbles with the Disk in his mouth. "I said Get up Human." Rains voice was cold as he looked down at the Human who was Face down in the Dirt.
"GET UP"Yelled Rain out of anger for not getting a response from this Boy on the ground.

The Geodude Heard this Yelling and Woke up Furious at Rain, Charging at Rain using Tackle the Attack hit and the Disk was Dropped out of Rain's mouth and Back onto the ground. The Geodude Leaped Back Moments after Tackling the Absol That Lays on the Ground. Quickly the Geodude Uses Harden to Prepare for the Battle Ahead seeing as how the Absol is Still Awake.
"Run away now...Before I hurt you." The Geodude laughs as Rain stands up from off the ground and a dark Aurora Starts oozing from Absol and Begins Forming on his sickle Like Head Feature that Ejects out to his Right and Back.

The Dark Aurora Formed into a Sphere of Some sort and on that note Rain stepped into a a Throw and Whipped The Ball of Darkness at Geodude Inaccurately. The Ball only Grazed The Geodude's Head and Flew off into the distance but the Geodude decided to run away and Find another napping place.
Geodude Has Fled the Fight.

"What was that? THE BOY!"Rain ran over to The boy to see if he was Okay.

"He's still breathing...But if he Managed to sleep like that he Must be Unconscious." Rain said Sadly. Rain Quickly Picked up a Bucket of Water from the Storm last night and Poured it Over The boys head Yelling "WAKKKE UUUP!" There was more of a British Accent in his voice as the TM lay beside him.