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located in Rose Manor, a part of Winter Rose: the garden of a wish..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Rose Manor



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Jenna Grant

The soft ringing of her alarm clock woke her up. Wait, no... that wasn't her alarm... That was some sort of bell... What on Earth were the neighbors doing with a bell at this hour? Why is it so cold? Jenna slowly sat up from her horizontal position, blinking against the blinding glare of the light against the snow. What the..? Reaching to her side, she was relieved to find her Coach purse. Absorbed in finding her sunglasses to shield her eyes from the bright sun reflecting off the stark white of the snow, Jenna did not even notice the bodies laying beside her. Digging through her medium sized purse, she finally found the pair of large black glasses she was looking for. Upon placing them over her eyes, she let out a content sigh. Much bett-- "OH MY GOD! Jesus Christ, are you alright?!" Jenna had noticed the bodies now.

Immediately she shifted over on her side to place herself over the body closest to her. "Hello? Can you hear me?" He looked dead. Fear gripped her insides and gave them a nasty twist. She reached over him, to place both hands on his shoulders and gently tried to shake him. "Oh, God, don't be dead. Please don't be dead." Surprisingly, through her panic, she was not on the verge of tears or hysteria. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remained calm, cool, and collect. She knew first-aid, so there was no reason to panic. Even still, she reached into her purse and looked as quickly as she could for her iPhone 5. Upon finding it, she turned it on and was about to dial 911, when she noticed that the screen looked funny. As if a TV had been turned on, but the cable had been shut off. White noise radiated from the device. Confused, she turned it off and back on again; only to get the same result. "Are you kidding me?" Tossing the phone back into her purse, she returned her attention to the man beside her. Checking his pulse, she easily found a heartbeat, and now that she had calmed down a little, also noticed he was breathing just fine.

Letting out of breath of relief, she looked to the other bodies and noticed that they, too, were breathing. Able to calm her heartbeat now, she turned her attention to her surroundings. Against the pale of the snow, roses bloomed in vibrant color. Completely confused now, Jenna slowly pulled herself into a standing position. Curiously walking over to the bushes, she peered past the beautiful buds and noticed that the thorns were weaved together so tightly it would be impossible to pass through. Looking around her in a 360 degree turn, she found that the roses were endless. Just beyond the roses, if she stood on her tip toes, were tall pines but they seemed impossible to get to.

Convinced that she was either dreaming or in some twisted version of a Saw game, Jenna decided her best bet was to first and foremost; get out of this damned cold. Her red peacoat was soaked from laying in the snow. Realizing that it was quite cold now, due to being wet and due to the surrounding snowfall, Jenna decided that she'd really like to get warm. Now, her mother always told her not to talk to strangers, but as a news reporter, that's pretty much all she ever did. Therefore, she figured that even though this house was a stranger to her; it could potentially keep her from catching a nasty cold that would lay her out of work for at least three days.

She started for the door, but stopped. She couldn't leave the others just laying out in the cold. With a moral block, she sighed. Walking back over to the other bodies, she again tried to wake them up. As she gently shook them once more, she decided that if they did not wake this time; she would drag them in.