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Snippet #2325693

located in Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925, a part of Torture Circus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hallowbrook, Illinois 1925



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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Felton Character Portrait: Happy Noko Character Portrait: Mark Williams Character Portrait: Jack Kempton Character Portrait: Evangeline Davis Character Portrait: Ester Pradin Character Portrait: Avalin Seranu
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Mark found himself calming down as he stared from Ester to the other girl. He was okay. He was gonna be okay. Nobody had hurt him and now his feet were free. hey could run now. The jane spoke, her voice unsure. Instinctively Mark's grey eyes turned towards Ester to answer the question the other girl had posed. Ester was a leader. She was smart. She knew everything, she'd know what to do next. He swayed on his feet, his balance just out of reach and his tied hands unable to steady him. But he didn't care at all and he barely noticed that his head was still spinning from his abrupt awakening. Before anyone could make any response to the girl's words, however, because just then Ezekiel approached with another jane by his side. Mark's countenance spread into a smile. This was turning out to be a right party indeed! The winged boy approached Ester after whispering something to the jane, who must have sprung him just as his new light-brown haired friend had set him free.

That made three humans, the two janes and a lad, who hadn't said anything. Mark turned his eyes to the lad to see what he was all about, and he didn't notice Zeke approaching him from behind until it was too late. The surprise literally knocked him off his feet, pain bursting in his mind. Though the other girl hadn't caused him any problems, he could feel what he'd missed in his last intimate encounter with another being. The half whispered visions of terrible things to come plagued his mind at winged lad's proximity. He fell hard on his knees just as his hands were freed, and he scrabbled a few centimetres away from his innocent assailant, arms rising to cover his face as his body seized, curling him inward and digging his shoulder into the ground.

His mouth was open as if he was screaming, but the only sound that emitted was a very soft whimper as he struggled with his body,which was urging his mind to go blank and let his form weather the fit on its own. But he couldn't. He could accidentally hurt Ester or the jane who'd sprung him. He couldn't do that. He couldn't. His body, though his mind was still conscious, instinctively lifted all the small objects around him, which were just a couple of rocks as all the people were much too large to lift up when he was in such a state. The small stones, which were mostly pebbles, with a cig butt in the mix, drew nearer, drawn to Mark's twitching form. They wavered as he to lay them back on the ground, his body resisting. His fingers, which were white as bone because he was clutching his face so lightly, jerked and twitched, and the young man gritted his teeth, moaning softly through them as his body strained in all directions at once. He might have been crying, he didn't know, his face was wet, but whether with sweat or tears it wasn't clear.

The blonde male writhed for what could have only been about thirty seconds, but felt like an eternity, and one of the smallest pebbles went shooting off like a bullet in the air. It would land in the grass thirty yards away. The rest of the objects trembled along with his shivering body, and very very slowly he forced them down to the ground and made them fall away from his mental grasp. He sobbed as his body twisted violently one last time, then he fell limp, his face pale and his eyes red with tears of pain. He lay that way, sprawled out on the ground and twitching slightly, for a moment, then he took a sharp breath and sneezed.

The sneeze seemed to surprise him and he sat up again, body trembling even more than it had before, and drew his sleeve across his face, wiping away the tears. He wanted to go to Ester, well, he wanted to go within arms length of Ester, which was as close as he could manage. Ester was safe. But Zeke was right there. Which meant that the he'd have to go to the second safest action. Curling up and closing his eyes and not opening them again until everyone was gone. But that was not a viable option. He had to be a brave boy now. He had to get up. They'd gone to the trouble to save him and he couldn't be weak now, he had to get up.

Carefully, with much trembling and grimacing, Mark pulled against his locked muscles and stood up, wobbling on his heels again. Though he looked on the verge of bursting into tears he summoned up a smile and looked at Ester, letting her know that he was alright. He could be brave, he could be strong, he wouldn't let Ester and his new friend who didn't broadcast any noise down. He wouldn't let Happy or the lad down. He wouldn't let Zeke and his friend down either. He would be fine. Just so long as no one got near him again.