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Snippet #2329117

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Zuriik Taroql Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī
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Zuriik watched Danavel go, the Ensightened still monologuing in his head. "...and although your session never lasted long enough to beget such beings, I thought you might want to know about them."

"Just...shut up." the troll groaned, putting his hand to his head. "Why the fuck can't you just leave me alone for an hour? Fuck."

"Sorry, but I needed to know what you saw in your visions."

"So you interrupted my conversation with my friend to ask me about something I made it clear I didn't want to talk about?"


"Fuck you."

"So what did you see?"

"Nothing." Zuriik muttered. "Nothing important or recognizable. Just a bunch of Doom and gloom and death. The fucking usual."

"I...see. Very well."


"Oh, it's nothing. Just need to think for a while."

Zuriik laughed. "Oh, so now you're the one running away from this conversation without telling me anything. Freaking hypocrite."

"I heard that."

"You were supposed to."

The Ensightened fell silent, Zuriik shakily rising to his feet. Even more than the visions, even more than the pain, what lingered with him was the faces of his friends. The pity they expressed towards him. It was about time that he tried to undo a bit of that pity. Got them to accept him as a troll and not just treat him like a delicate animal. Perhaps...

Zuriik pulled something out of his inventory, the medallion given to him by his sprite. Maybe it would work here. He concentrated, the necklace glowing, but no sprite appearing. He tried again, desperately desiring to talk to his feline friend that was most likely stuck inside a black hole. He wanted to ask the creature if it could recite to him the love letter he wrote, that became part of it. He had written it to Nepeta, perhaps it would impress her. But no, nothing. The words he had placed onto the precious piece of paper were lost forever, he could not recall them on his own. Zuriik cried out in frustration, chucking the thing at the wall, where it bounced off and skidded to the floor. He would not give up, he decided. No matter if he had to make it up on the spot, he would tell her how he felt. Another night could not go by with disappointment and self-hate. It was now or never. Zuriik crossed the room, opening the door and staring out into the hallway. A tentative step, closing the door behind him. It was time to test his luck at the cruel game known as romance. Zuriik prayed for whatever god of love or luck that might exist to aid him, and he set off toward Nepeta's room.