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located in New York City, a part of Freedom's Last Stand: Us, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York City



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Character Portrait: Alexis Song Character Portrait: Ryan Jacobs Character Portrait: Jean Havok
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Fortunately for this man, Alexis had yet to load her weapon. For if she had, she would probably have fired instinctively. The man's sudden entry was nothing short of startling; she felt her heart almost leaped out of her mouth thinking the Chinese had managed to discover their hideout so quickly. For a brief moment, she felt like picking up the rifle as instructed. In such a situation now with Ryan and his gun raised at the man, she felt awkward being the only one without a weapon raised.

However, it seemed the man meant them no harm. Incidentally, he was looking for Ryan himself. Jean Havok was his name; Alexis found herself focusing on 'Havok', linking it to the havoc he has almost caused in the bar with his startling entry. With the shock of his entry fading, Alexis took the time to observe the man's appearance. This man had clearly seen a lot of battles. Scars marred several parts of his body, maybe more under the shirt, Alexis didn't want to know.

His face was rugged, which at the very least suggested he was a normal man in these harsh times. His stare, however, suggested that he was beyond the average man on the street. It was a menacing stare, one that made Alexis wonder if it was due in part to the scar that ran through his eye. Or maybe his rather awkward-looking nose. Those eyes seemed to bear deep into a person's being, and when she saw them rest on her briefly, she almost shivered.

On a more positive note, he was quite possibly running from the Chinese, which meant he was on their side. Even better, he was rather muscular - a sight for Alexis to feast her eyes on.

"Oh right, I'm Alexis, by the way," said Alexis, half-smiling as she regarded him with a mix of interest, curiosity and suspicion. For the moment, she figured she would let Ryan decide what was to be done with this man, and instead, go for the magazines as instructed. Walking to the corner of the bar, she reached into the crate and took with her four magazines before she returned to the table with Ryan.

Against her better judgment, she looked to Jean and beckoned him over. "Come on, take a seat and talk," she said, before she reached into the boxes of bullets that Ryan had taken out for her. She took a bullet and tried experimentally to load the magazine. Ryan made it look so easy; she had no idea if she was doing something wrong, or if she was simply not used to it. Still, it was better that than to join the conversation between the two men. From the way things looked, it seemed it was going to become a serious talk, and Alexis was no stickler for seriousness in the lighter moments before a serious mission.