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Summer Vorhees

Summer watched as Kaleb went and got some wood for the fire, anyone that looked at her could tell she was not all there. Her eyes were glassy, a smile was plastered to her face, and her hair was wild. Her body was wavering side to side and she was humming a soft tune under her breath as Kaleb climbed into the boat. As they paddled to the cave Kaleb mentioned Mordi and Maddi and she just laughed "not betting on it cus I already kno they are, I bet they won't even show their asses tonight. More for us then".

When Kaleb handed her the vodka bottle she took iit, opened it, giggling when he clinked the bottles "to a good night for sure!" she yelled as she stood up in the boat and took a drink from the bottle. "Fuck Kaleb why can't I always feel like this, so free, no worries. Fuck my mom...I don't need her right, I have you and the others. Y'all are my family" she was speaking nonsense but that was to be expected with how messed up she was. She hasn't told anyone about her mother leaving, she didn't want the sympathy. She has the whole house to herself it was perfect for her. She didn't need them, or at least thats what she thought. The boat wavered a little while she was standing, it was good they made it to the cave when they did or they may have landed in the water.

She stumbled onto the land and watched mesmorized as Kaleb made the fire, she took another couple drinks from the bottle before she sat it down on the ground. In the cave there were clothes, chairs, empty bottles, trash, and other miscellanious things of theirs. She sat cross legged in front of the fire, feeling the heat she sighed contently. Her bag was in her lap as she started rummaging through it, she had a big assortment of different drugs, there was oxi's, molly's, pot, LSD, and a few packs of cigarettes. She took out one of the LSD tabs and put it in her mouth then took a drink from the bottle of vodka. She took her ipod and small speakers and hooked them up, turning the volume up so the music could be heard from the edge of the lake.

She had her bag in her hand when she went over to Kaleb "take your pick and have fun" she grinned the started dancing by the edge of the water. Her hair was everywhere as she just let her body move to the music, she took off her plaid shirt so she was just in the black tank top and shorts. She was on top of the world and nothing was going to break her down tonight, or at least thats what she thought. "Kalleeeb come dance, those fuckers betta gett here soooon or there will be nothin' left for them" she laughed throwing her head back and humming along to the song.