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"Don't drink all the beer Trist!" Kite yelled from above down at him. Tristan chuckled "I make no promises!" he shouted back in response as he took a gulp of the beer before putting his blunt in his mouth. Before he knew it Summer was free falling and as he watched her she seemed to be moving in slow motion as he body finally hit the water below. "That shit was cool," he said as he looked from the water back up the cliff where Life was standing, "Am sure as hell not going to do it myself but I will admit that it was cool." Finally resurfacing "wow that was fucking awesome" is what Kite said before swimming back to others and climbing out of the water. As she started mumbling about something dancing Tristan just shook his head, she was so baked.

It was only moments after Kite started dancing around the fire with Avery that it was Lyfe who was now leaping off the edge. If it wasn't for the weed and alcohol in his system Tristan may have actually seen all his friends reckless behavior at the moment to be at least some what concerning but in his current state this was nothing more than awesome fun. At least it was all fun and games until Lyfe's body hadn't resurfaced like Summer's had, as Kaleb jump into action Tristan made his way over to the waters edge in time to see Kaleb dragging himself and Brik back to shore. As Kaleb got Brik back on dry land he went into CPR mode pumping Brik's chest, the calm relaxed mood Tristan had indulging in since this after now faded with worry of Lyfe's very own life.

Now standing right behind Kaleb Tristan let out a heavy sigh of relief as Brik started coughing up the water that had almost taken his life, "And I thought Kaleb was suppose to be the daredevil of this group," he said not knowing what the hell had gotten into his friend. "Okay seeing as I know we have all being thinking it am just gonna come out and ask. Brik. What the FUCK is going on with you?!" Tristan said completely clueless as to what was going on in Brik's mind. One minute everyone was having a good time and getting all levels of fucked up and the next Brik was on a fucking suicide mission. And to make things worst he had managed to screw up Tristan's high in the process, which had just really blown his entire mood.