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Snippet #2336305

located in Earth, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Earth, the home planet of the human race.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Keni Howard Character Portrait: Callus Velares Character Portrait: Elix Straumm Character Portrait: Fastus Captio
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valdephonousHost [VH] began responding to memo.
[VH]: Attention everyone. It is now time to begin the next stage of the game.
[VH]: And Elix? I do apologize, but I have already procured Miss Howard as my Server Player.
[VH]: Though I do believe she is still in need of a Server Player herself. And Callus is still open for a Client Player. I’m sure you three can work something out.
[VH]: As for the next steps you all must go through...
[VH]: I do believe it is time that we all met in person.
[VH]: That’s right, in person. For the first time.
[VH]: Once everyone has both a Server and Client player, all of us may advance through the gateways and meet up at one of our player planets.
[VH]: Does anyone have any suggestions of whose Land we should all convene at?

rocketingHeir [RH] began responding to memo.
[RH]: We're finally starting.
[RH]: This is going to be awesome.
[RH]: I'm guessing the chain would go like this.
[RH]: SU->VH->RH->DF
[RH]: Probably a land with a little amount of monsters, so we aren't bothered.

[VH]: Yes, that order seems fairly accurate.
[VH]: At least, it will be eventually, once everything is worked out.

dashingFalcon [DF] began responding to the memo.
[DF]: Hey, guys, quick question.
[DF]: Could you help me get out of this FALCON JAM?
[VH]: Depends on your problem. Though I would most likely be willing and ready to assist.
[VH]: Although...Miss Howard is the closest to your land. Perhaps she would be of more help than I would.
[VH]: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
[VH]: First, what is the nature of your issue?

[DF]: oh you know, just the usual FALCON STRIFE
[DF]: It's just that now they keep respawning too fast.
[DF]: i need to get to my kernel sprite to alchemize something, then I should be set.
[DF]: I need time.
[RH]: I'll help, but give me a bit of time to prepare.
[VH]: Hm. Well that seemed to work itself out rather quickly.
[VH]: How very convenient.
[VH]: I suppose it might be even more convenient if we were to all meet up at...
[VH]: Whatever Elix's land is.
[VH]: Wait.
[VH]: Right, Land of Snow and Melody.
[VH]: I..."forgot", for a moment.
[VH]: Heh.
[VH]: Anyways, I do believe that we should all join each other there.
[VH]: Oh, and another thing.
[VH]: I finally figured out my role.
[VH]: It's the Seer of Hope.
[VH]: I was correct in assuming Seer anyways.
[VH]: Has anyone else had any luck with guessing theirs?
[VH] Their roles, that is.

[RH]: I've had a lot of clues pertaining to mine, so I would be pretty stupid to not know what my role is.
[RH]: I'm guessing heir of space.
[RH]: I don't know what that means, but it seem the most possible combination of role and aspect.

[VH]: Good. I certainly hope that you are correct.
[VH]: As long as we have a player of Space in our session, our victory is practically assured.
[VH]: Assured and cemented as fact.
[VH]: Though it would be quite nice to also have a hero of Time as well.

[DF]: Uhh guys, sorry to break this to you, but you might not want to come over here
[DF]: you see, everything is FALCON DEAD.
[DF]: Except for Bear sprite, he's still here.
[DF]: so if you are going to come here, you gotta be extra FALCON CAREFUL.
[RH]: Oh, damn.
[RH]: Must be a rocketing problem.
[RH]: How about the boss, is it dead?

[VH]: ...
[VH]: I'm sorry, but...what?
[VH]: Why, exactly, is everything dead?
[VH]: What happened, pray tell?

[DF]: Well, it may have to do with my FALCON TITLE.
[DF]: from what I FALCON GATHERED, the prince of life just had to kill things.
[DF]: I just started beating stuff up, then suddenly the ground under me started to come alive and eat stuff.
[DF]: so, do any of you know how to FALCON FLY?
[VH]: Oh dear.
[VH]: That does pose a problem.
[VH]: Huh.
[VH]: I think I may have an idea.
[VH]: I do believe I am available to present a form of...
[VH]: Hope. in a sense.
[VH]: I shall make my way to your land, Elix.
[VH]: Once there...well, you'll see.
[VH]: I am in a certain mood at present moment.
[VH]: The mood one might say...
[VH]: Drop some ill beats.
[VH]: That shall allow us to all 'hang out' at LOSAM
[VH]: So then, I shall make my way there now.
[VH]: Oh, Elix, I shall require you to connect to Miss Howard as her Server Player before I will be able to finilize my journey to your land.
[VH]: Would you please kindly do so with all hasty capability?
[VH]: Oh, that's my cue to leave the stage.
[VH]: See you all in the next scene.

valdephonousHost [VH] ceased responding to memo.

Fastus was ready. He smiled, finalizing the last of his alchemized creations. Besides for creating a neat pair of computer glasses, he had accumulated a good triad of powerful (or they looked powerful anyways) weapons. First, there was his Poolsichord. It was really just an array of pool balls that play notes when struck with the white key that came with it or an object that has been struck by the white key or an object that has been-etc. The notes themselves had some sort of magic powers though, or something like magic. The music had blew a hole in his living room while he was testing it out. Next, the Grand Gauntlets. The two gloves could conjure a playable floating keyboard in mid air. Again, the music generated by the instrument was extremely strong. The last was his Net of Lies. As its name suggested, it was a net. When thrown, however, it became large enough to form a sort of cage around his target - a lame stuffed animal in this case. The ‘bars’ of the ‘cage’ were a little bit like strings of a harp, able to be played. Whatever notes were created only affected the inside of the net. Thankfully, he hadn’t really liked the stuffed animal anyway. And now he stood at the door to his home, inventory packed and Fastus dressed in his finest suit. His hand had only brushed the door handle when he heard his sister snore loudly behind him. The poor slob was still passed out on the couch, a bottle of some alcoholic beverage clenched tightly in her hand. She had remained asleep during this entire Sburb ordeal, her booze-induced coma letting her remain completely ignorant to the current state of her environment. Fastus felt no sympathy for her, no reason to turn and feel regretful about leaving this human train wreck alone. But he did, without a clue why. Fastus crossed the room and pried the bottle out of his incapacitated guardian’s hand, tossing it through the hole in the wall. His sister let out a tiny groan, shifting in her sleep. Her brother sighed, running a hand ambivalently through his well-styled hair. Finally, he picked up the head of the stuffed bear he had exploded earlier, placing it into his sister's arms in place of the bottle. She took it and rolled over, turning her back to Fastus. The younger, although more mature, Captio turned his back as well, though he was doing so consciously. With a second sigh, he left his home. He walked straight forward, eyes moist for reasons he couldn’t explain, pulling up his glasses and wiping the tears away with the back of his hand. “No weakness.” he reminded himself.

After locating the first gate, the second one wasn’t too hard to find. Fastus passed through it and into the Land of Quartz and Art. He let out a low whistle, this place was actually pretty nice looking. A house stood alone amongst the barren landscape of rock. He approached it, walking right up to the door and hesitating for a moment - taking a good second or two to re-adjust his appearance - before knocking on the closed home portal. “Miss Howard!?” he called loudly. “Are you in there?! It’s me, valdephonusHost! Or, Fastus, if you prefer!”