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Snippet #2337057

located in Large facility in the middle of the desert, a part of Facility X, one of the many universes on RPG.

Large facility in the middle of the desert

the outer enterance


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Magiere, Stelian and Deidre were all conversing politely as they watched the other inhabitants of the facility enter the lobby. They saw; Kalin talking with some one they had never met before, Sierra and Silas entered soon after holding hands, Magiere found herself thinking that looked quite cute together. Soon everyone in the facility was in the main lobby, everyone save Firvin and Riley that is, of course Magiere didn't notice their absence as she didn't know them well, but shortly they too entered the meeting area.

Firvin arrived in the main lobby walking hand in hand with Riley, he realized that she would be nervous so he looked at her "It's ok I'll tell them all what's going on." He said to her, his usual smile however, was absent. Everyone was here, he saw all his friends, and a few people that he hadn't met before but he knew what he had to tell them. Firvin gathered everyone's attention, keeping Riley at his side using her as a source of strength, he clears his throat. "Hello everyone, we here at the facility all have a tough decision to make. I, no one, will force you to do what I am about to ask, but you all have the freedom to choose on your own, but all of your help would be greatly appreciated. But before that, there are some things we need to explain." He pauses looking at Riley, who nods back at him and he continues; "The rumbling and shaking you have no doubt heard and felt, was an attack. World War Three has started and the government can not handle their own problems. This is the first time since Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks, that anyone has dared to attack United States soil, and it seems they have been unable to repel the attack. They have requested that we assist them in their fight. I myself have decided I will go, furthermore Riley will be coming as well." He paused again watching the faces of everyone in the crowd, he saw Silas who looked seriously disturbed the repercussions of Firvin's speech, He saw Magiere and Stelian, whom he has just met, who both looked determined. He saw Timber, sitting alone in the back she looked neither frightened nor excited but rather she looked...ready, as if she were ready to do whatever her friends needed of her. Firvin smiled as he saw all of his friend's and continued his speech. "I know you all will do what you feel is right. I can not force you to fight in this war but I will say this, all of you who know me, know that I hate the government that serves us, they have forced us here because they are afraid of us. But I will be the first to say this, despite my feelings for the government, I will defend the people here, I will fight for them, not the U. S. but each and every one of you. I will make it my duty to see to it that you make it back alive. Of course even though I vow to do everything I can to protect you, this will be dangerous, some of you, or even I, might die. But fighting to protect all of you, I think that is worth the risk. Any of you willing to participate in the fight, come speak with Riley or myself and we will sort everything out." His speech moved most of the residents of Facility X, and they had begun forming a line to speak with them. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something moving slowly on the ground towards him, when he looked at he sighed, "Oh, hey Revion" the plant turned it's 'head' towards him and Firvin, as always understood the plants words without speaking, "Your mother would be proud of you for what you have said here, she died so that you could have a better life, she would be glad to see that you aren't wasting it" a single tear formed in Firvin's eyes as Revion finished.