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"Huh? Oh, I don't know, maybe she had to take a shit." Kaleb said before getting up from where he was sitting with Jaylene. Tristan didn't know for sure if had just ruined some kind of special moment between the two but he defiantly got that feeling. Even thought Kaleb's nonchalantly attitude had Tristan thinking maybe he was worrying over nothing hearing Brik say he'd go off and find her made Tristan feel a lot better. Although Tristan was still slightly annoyed with Brik about what had happened earlier deep down he knew that Brik did care about each of them as they all cared about him. It was just a lot easier for the rest them to show it while with Brik you had to dig really deep down to get it out of him.

"She's just tripping face, she knows the woods pretty well. She likes to wander sometimes." his gaze feel on Soda who was just getting up off the damp ground. "If that is true I would much rather have her going through her trip her with us then where ever she is out there." Tristan had been with Summer through many of her bad trips as the others had been with him through his, it had always made him feel a sense of comfort when going through it with his friends because he knew that they'd be looking out for him. Now he just wished Summer was with them so they could all be looking out for her.

"I'm gonna' go home." Tristan looked at Soda who was standing with her arms wrapped around a tree. She had been his ride out here so if she was going that meant so was he. Tristan walked over to the fire to gather his things so that when Jaylene got going he wouldn't be left behind. Tristan had zoned out for a moment the weed still flowing in his system when he felt someones arms swing around his torso. "Goodnight baby." the voice of Jaylene hit his ears as he felt her head nestle into his back, "What do you mean goodbye, you drove me out here don't think your leaving without me."

"Guys!" the sound of Brik's frantic shout came over the sound of the music "We need to get Summer to the hospital. We need help!" In the time it took him to look over to where Brik stood he saw Kaleb taking Summer's motionless body out of Brik's arms. Tristan followed Kaleb over to where he laid Summer down on moss bed. As Kaleb and Brik exchange words about Summer's whereabouts Tristan eyes fell on Summer's chest which was still doing a steady yet slow motion movement that indicated breathing. Breathing a sigh a relief he caught Kaleb saying something about her probably crashing, it wouldn't be the first time.

As Brik suddenly spilled out of sight back into the woods Tristan looked back down at Summer as Kaleb stroked the girl's cheek. Kaleb's crush on the girl had always been an obvious one and at times Tristan couldn't help but feel bad for the guy. It must really suck to love a girl that would never look at you in that light because she herself held a love for girls. "She just needs some rest and lots of water. Kaleb will make sure she gets home, right bay?" looking back at Soda who then just turned around walking away from the group he down at Kaleb "Be safe man, see you guys tomorrow" Tristan said before walking over to Avery and giving her a goodbye hug from behind before jogging off to catch of with Jaylene.

When he finally caught up to her she was sitting on the floor by her car. To his surprise he also saw Madeline who had showed up just a little late for the party. "Well look who finally decided to make an appearance" he said walking over to the two girls. "Hey Mads" he said giving her a hug before looking down at Jaylene who was still on the ground. Laughing he walked around behind her then slipped his arm in from under her arms and lifted her up off the ground. Walking back around to the front of her he asked "Are you okay to be driving?" he himself wasn't exactly the most sober person but he was probably in a better state than she was at the moment.