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Snippet #2339677

located in Prologue, a part of Hezenattin the Leaves of Fate, one of the many universes on RPG.


The events that took place before and a little after the King is poisoned


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Character Portrait: Jon Sinclair
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Jon Sinclair sat in his chair meant for a court mage the king was opening the court for any issues that need to be dealt with such as land disputes or an shop owner accusing a thief of theft nothing that would truly concern a court mage but Jon attended these openings in order to guide King Fredrick Derak in making the correct decisions. So far in the court proceedings nothing of great importance has happened everyone who has come was only asking for rights to farm in the lands. Jon couldn't help but to smile at this since everyone man that came with their family and left with land rights the Kingdom of Man was finally starting to grow and prosper. Jon was still a child when the Kingdom of Man was always at war in order to feed it people for farm lands and now that Man has claimed a large amount of land people without much are starting to ask for land as well as a loan which will be paid in crop. Jon was starting to think he should leave because his services were not needed today. Jon decided if the next three people were the same as the rest he would leave.