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located in Arcturus System, a part of Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty, one of the many universes on RPG.

Arcturus System

The very fringe of colonized space, the Arcturus System is a binary star system with twelve planets orbiting the two stars.


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Character Portrait: Atreus "Silver Eyes" Eturrer
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It had been some time since Atreus had time to himself, after the initial jump the ship had been irreversibly damaged and he was now pretty much dead in the water, this was worsened by fact that they were wanted and the cloak module was thrown together from schematics they had taken from Courtney cabin, nothing that advanced, it had only been in BETA testing phase and her model was non-serviceable making it all the more impossible due to this. Nonetheless they could perhaps progress somewhat, repairs had been a grueling affair since they were also trying to keep the ship in flight, which was even more impossible with most systems running at half or quarter capacity.

In all this there was shining light, there was a back-up to MIRANDA it had just taken a week or so to replace the fried drive. Even in the clear progress, there were still clear major issues, the thrusters were pretty much barely ticking by and any major exertion would destroy them completely, and Courtney may have been a genius but she had not imagined such excessive damage, the girl had many theories or ideas on sheets of paper, but half the stuff was untested and the Captain did not feel right using so much 'questionable' hardware on a ship with his whole crew, thus everything she had written had to be tested and that wasted even more days, all in all it was likely they would need to land soon. The rations were running low and so was morale, there had been no communication since the failed maneuver and skirmish in the Milky Way. Everything had seemed to be going so good, just so much screw ups to account for, not to mention they needed Courtney back, not because she was like his daughter, but because he needed someone who map drives and locate flaws in design easily.

Sighing he turned on MIRANDA point and said, "I estimate four days until boosters can be used to traverse space and land on anything, what's the situation with other areas?"

The AI would listen and nod, "I estimate 90% of all systems are in critical state and calculate even repairs you are doing now are merely just stellotape and glue, this ship will literally fall apart if it does not land within a few months."

The Captain groaned and said, "Very well... keep me informed and chart course for nearest planet we can use as beach head, preferably Non-Federation land, I would rather not be caught with my trousers down, if possible."

"Planning course, checking scans, come back in a few hours, I can't overtax the system."

With that he would walk towards his main room, open a drawer and pull out a bottle of whisky; for emergency. Well if there was ever one, this was certainly it... that was for sure. Popping the cap he would take a glass and pour a little in, taking a sip and sighing in defeat.

This was not how it should have been...