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Image Sieved sunlight woke her up. "Fucking - skylights. Why did they have to be in - " She tossed an elbow as if it would frighten the sun into hiding. Green eyes ruined with bloodshot taint rolled open and upward, "Every room." Shivers speckled Jaylene's tan skin as she crawled away from the toilet to grab the edge of the tub and throw herself in. With her clothes still on and the shower curtain only half shut, she turned the water on. Searing drops hit her skin, burning it to her hearts content. "Oh, that's the stuff," she groaned to herself happily and peeled away her soaked shorts and tank top.

As she pulled herself out, spinning around to wrap up with a towel, she looked up to the ceiling window again. Murky clouds were filling the firmament and taking the sun captive. Decidely upon the appearance of the sky, she blow dried her hair and wiggled into an impossibly tight pair of high waisted blue jeans. She trotted around topless until her eyes snagged a white tube top bra in her endless heaps of clothes. Eager hands snatched it and slid it on from where she stood beside her closet. Shaking a shirt from a hanger, she stretched it before her to examine its sheer, white material and the open reverse of it. "Meh," she sighed and pulled it on, the breeze catching the nearly bare flesh of her back.

She thought she heard a text coming in, but upon further examination of her phone, she found a voicemail. Even contemplating saying 'good morning' to her friends, she unlocked the phone. Cocking an eyebrow, she dialed out and muttered, "No one ever leaves me voicemails." The operator's dull voice was cut short as an urgent communique came through. It was Summer's painfully sober voice, blubbering something that was broken up by static - "Not breathing." Dead.

Dead. She forgot to breathe. The call was still in session when she jammed the device into the side of her bra and rubbed her face fervently in the mirror, wondering how anything like that could even happen. "It's probably just another bad trip or something," she tried to reassure herself as her bones went rigid and her veins iced over, "I'll just go check." She pulled her hair into a messy bun, barefooted as she ran to the car that was parked crookedly from a few hours prior.

Muddying her brain, the recollections of the night before and now Summer's worried, choked up ramblings had her anxious. The car squealed as it whipped around a bend and braked viciously in front of Mordicai's. He's not dead, he's fine, he just took too much and blacked out. She closed her eyes and nodded while she gathered herself, her feet slapping the cool walkway as she approached the slightly cracked front door. Her abdomen was wrenching in perturbation and nausea induced from prior events. Already the eerily quiet home was too offbeat for anything to be alright. She'd usually pulled up to the house and heard giggling and laughing, the sound of a bass vibrating the home. Especially if Summer was there. Not this - this - ugly stillness that had Jaylene's stomach in knots.

"Summer? Mordi?" One pedicured foot slipped into the door, and then she held the entry frame as she slid between the space of it and the red paneled door. Down the hallway she could make out Summer's croaking vocals and soft sobbing.

Like a bat out of hell, Jaylene sprinted to his bedroom, nearly falling as she toppled into the door to find Mordi slumped wide across the floor with bile littering his young, departed face. Gripping his hand, her dark hair a mess and her eyes red-rimmed, was Summer. "Oh no," Jaylene said without filter, her voice sounding like something out of a grim comedy rather than genuine worry and sorrow. She couldn't validate it all. It couldn't be real. Not able to do anything or stifle a comforting sentiment, she turned so her back faced the two of them and she covered her face.

"Get up Summer," she talked under her breath, her palm pressed so aggressively to her head that it hurt, "Leave him Summer." Always utilitarian rather than humane, Jaylene was a little less warm than her friends. Of course she'd do anything for them - but where Mordicai was now, she could do nothing. "We're fucked if we get caught here with him…" She padded into the door way, her arms extending in each way to hold the framework to keep herself grounded.

Weeping only came in reply to Jaylene's somewhat cold demand. She pivoted slightly, looking over her shoulder with narrowed eyes. Unexpressedly she was going fucking crazy. She took a large step towards Summer, forcefully grabbed under her arm and yanked her to her feet, "We're leaving."