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Kaleb didn't check his phone until he reached Madeline's house, luckily enough she had already texted him to go through the window. Also there was a text from Jaylene informing him on a party and pregaming at her house. The fact that he and Jaylene were the Maine two of the group to do cocaine that sometimes it ended up just them getting geeked talking at 120 words per minute and not even notice hours fly by. He texted; Sounds like heaven, I'll be there. and returned the phone to his pocket. He hid his bike around the side of the house by where a tree reached up to Madeline's window.

Kaleb was very agile after years of stupid stunts to occupy his time, climbing trees was as easy as climbing stairs to him. After years at the lake, there had been so many times he climbed as high as possible, wired and spinning out, trying to catch a star. He tapped on Madeline's window within seconds, a handsome smile lighting his face. Once she opened it to let him in, he jumped in with a thud purposely. Although Kaleb loved his friends, sometimes he tended to be an asshole and purposely get them in trouble with parents, as if seeing them also have issues with their parents made him feel better about his own.

Instead of apologizing he leaned against the wall, by the window pane. "Hello Madeline." His tone was formal, despite his playful smirk. From his pocket he retrieved the foil pack and his lighter, swiftly lighting the blunt. He took several hits, "You cheating on me, trick? Where were you last night, fucked up bay." Kaleb poked her shoulder with his fingers that held the blunt, then predictably blowing the smoke in her face. He passed the blunt to her, then retrieving two yellow bars- Xanax. He cleaned a spot on her window sill and proceeded to crush the pill onto the sill. He grabbed a crisp bill from his wallet, rolling it into an imitation of a straw and creating two lines of Xanax - one for him and one for Maddie. He took his own, then sniffing excessively, the medicine stench was the worst part