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Avery Campbell

Avery giggled as Brik stiffened under her arms, she knew he wasn't a fan of hugs, but after what he pulled the night before she was just glad he was alright. "Hey Bones." His voice was huskier than usual, making her wonder what made him so uncomfortable and blushy. the thought didn't linger when she heard Kitty would be joining them at Roxxies tonight. Avy was so glad she was back.

"Summer's got the good stuff going already, you should go steal some! Meet you at Roxxies!" Avery smiled "See ya there Kits!" She had made it to the stairs when she heard Kite call down to her. "Hey Avy upstairs sweetie" With that she all but jogged up the stairs, ready to somethin from that wonderful goody bag of hers. Her small hand pushed the door open just in time to see Summer put on the fake glasses causing a bell-like giggle to pass through her lips. "how do I look Bonesy? you look great honey, love the ears."

Shaking her head and giggling as Kite pulled her tail, she chimed "Absolutely adorkable." In all honesty, Summer was the sexiest nerd she had ever laid eyes on and the sex goddess that was her friend had to have known it, Kaleb would be speechless at the sight of her, and over half of Roxxie would be begging for her.......the club had no idea what they were in for, the small group of friend would dominate the place......Avy wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she was nervous about being at the club tonight, last time she was at a large party like this, Cole had shown up and she spent the whole night bouncing between Kaleb and Kite just in case he had tried to approach her......a whole year later and she still hadn't come to terms with what had happened. Kite snapped her out of her thoughts when she offered her drugs......of course. Her nerves were getting the best of her and she needed to relax.

As she went to answer Kitty's song played through her phones speakers once again, followed almost immediately my Mad's, plopping on the bed she opened the one from Kitty

From: Kitty<3

Hey sexy (; Lyfe and I are going as big cats if you want to match us, or Kite and Jay are going as sexy nerds.. Can't wait to dance with your sexy ass!

She smiled as she responded

To: Kitty<3

Your sexy ass left too fast! Attached to my sexy ass is the tail ya gave me for halloween, lets see how lucky this little black cat can get! ;) My ass is yours to dance with <3 And have you talked to Tristy yet?

She hit send and immediately opened the message from Maddie

From: Mads<3
Bored! What is this I heard about a party!

To: Mads<3
Party at Roxxies tonight, dress your sexiest! Kitty, Brik and I are felines, Kite and Soda are sexy nerds. Roxxies aint gonna know what hit em!!

Pressing send once again she looked through the goodie bag. "Decide what you want? Could do a couple of oxi's? Imma do the heavier stuff when I get there. Oh and Soda is picking us up" As usual, Avery took Kite at her suggestion and popped a few oxi's, the group liked to arrive with a base high and just get higher as the party progressed, it was how they had fun. Avery wasnt sure how high she would let herself get though, ever since the incident she kept an eye on her highs, staying in control of herself. After she zipped up the little bag of poisons she curled up next to Summer. She sighed and closed her chocolate eyes "I'm glad Kitty's back........but why did she bust outta here like a bat outta hell? And I think I seen Brik blush for the first time in his life. If yesterday is gonna bring him back to his ol self then I'm glad it happened.......just don't like how he scared everybody like that.......that jerk-face...." She smiled a little using her term of endearment for the boy, but she was being honest.....his near death experience had been on her mind ever since it happened, and she couldn't have been the only one.