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Summer Vorhees

Image When Avery curled up beside her Summer smiled, flopping onto her side and looked at her fragile friend. Questions were asked but Summer just shook her head "did something stupid, Brik saw it. Then they ran off together, Brik didn't even give me a hug...your right hes a jerkface" she laughed as she joked about her uptight friend. Brik has always been an odd one and she was glad she met him by the football stands that day in Junior high. He was a mystery to her like she was a mystery in someways to others. Everyone thought they really knew Summer Vorhees, but did they really, maybe at first but people change and she sure has. Ever since her father passed she hasn't been the same Summer but no one seemed to notice and if they have they haven't said anything She had to always be careful around Jay tho, her blonde friend always knew when something was up with her, like a sixth sense. But lately shes been able to hide and mostly blame it on the drugs, yes the drugs that made her fly like the kite she was.

Looking to Avery she smiled "going to take some x then going to fresh up my face, Soda said she be here soon". Getting up from her bed she slid her feet into a pair of black heeled combat boots then went and redid her makeup. She darkened up her eyeliner and glossed up her lips, her pupils were way dilated already, they always seemed to be that way lately. She never knew exactly when her high left her because she was always popping something into her system. She grabbed her bag of goodies and slipped a couple of pills under her tongue, she couldn't wait for the club, to just let loose. She had to act like her normal self, be herself even if it was all an act.

Once she was happy with her appearance she went over to Avery and grabbed her hand "c'mon on baby lets go downstairs to wait" she pulled the girl up and continued her way down the stairs with Avery following. Her phone buzzed Jay's tune, she didn't even have to read it to know her friend was already outside the house waiting because she had the front door open staring outside. Pulling Avery along she got into the backseat of Jays car, her glasses were down to her nose as she gave a smile to Jay, trying to reassure the blonde and herself that everything was going to be alright. "Hey sexy, you look hott tonight" she leaned across to the front seat as Jay commented that Avery and her were good enough to eat "your always welcome to babay" she grinned and looked over to Kaleb. "Hey my wild man, seems like I haven't seen you in forver" she leaned forward, kissing his cheek then brought up her hand and ruffled his hair "love the look, it suits you" she teased and leaned back against the seat, her hand was still holding onto Avery's.

As Soda drove closer to Roxxies she could hear the music blasting and she was already getting excited for what the night had to bring them. As soon as the car parked Summer was out in a flash, she walked over to Jay watching as the girls friend went to speak to the bouncer. "Always have your ties don't you" she grinned the felt Jay's lips on hers, she felt the surge from the high and she was ready to go. Jay always knew how to make her fly "oh yes it is, we are going to own this place!" Soon they were led into the club, Jay yelled back to them and Summer yelled back "we better get a dance together! we gotta show them how the sexy nerds dance" she grinned and made her way into the club. She could already feel her adrenaline pumping and she was ready to let loose.

Soon Kitten and Brik found them and Summer couldn't help but hold back a whistle "damnnn hot stuff we got here, i got the goods too so hit me up if you want anything". She watched as Kitten and Lyfe went to dance, her eyes moved over the crowd and she found herself looking at a couple of familiar faces. Turning towards Kaleb and Bones "heyy ill be back..just need to go see a few people" she gave them each a kiss on the cheek then walked towards the two familiar girls.

Image Everything started to get brighter as she moved herself between the girls, it was like everything was jumping and she felt amazing. No fucking worries were going through her mind as she let herself get lost to the music. Jojo tapped her shoulder and whispered in her ear "lets go for a ride Kite, I want to go on the ride with you and I have some amazing shit you want to try" she was already in when Jojo said 'lets go'. The blonde grabbed her wrist and pulled her through the crowd and back towards the bathrooms. One of her hands went around Jojo's waiste, this is how she played. Pretending to go have sex when really she was just losing control. Its not like she had any in the first place.

Jojo and Kite made there way to the last stall, the biggest one. There were other girl, some doing drugs, some makingout but no one really paid any attention to them. She locked the door behind her and they both sat down on the floor. "Kite have you ever tried ice...its the purest form of meth, I know you've done glass but ice...girl its like heaven...omce you try this shit you'll never want to stop" Jojo's voice was hard to hear over the music but she heard most of it "never tried it but ya know im in Jojo, im always in." Jojo smirked, the blonde leaned in and kissed Kite, Summer melted into the physical touch, she wanted more but even more she wanted to try the drug. Jojo leaned back and took out a bag that held a crushed up substance, she also took out a book and a straw "lets have some fun doll". Jojo set up the lines and soon Kite was sniffing a few lines with the blonde. She couldn't wait to feel the effects of the drug, Jojo was always one to bring her the good stuff, it always seemed to make her feel better even if it was only for a few hours.