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Madeline was on her way to Roxxies after she took a few ectasy pills. She liked to take them before parites. It gave her the perfect high to be able to dance her tiny ass all over the dance floor. She was still able to drive because it takes a while for the drugs to come into affect. At a red light she checked her text message from Lizzie. Love of her life. Instead of replying she will just tell her in person. At the green light Madeline drove and saw her other friend's car. She parked close to theirs and got out of the vehicle. Maddie ditched the mini devil staff. It was only going to get in the way.

She strutted her way into the party and the party was bumping. People were grinding, others were doing drugs, even a few were making out, but she didn't plan on doing that tonight. She shimmied and shook her way through the dance floor. Some guys started to pull her close to dance with her. She danced with them for a moment and moved on to find some of her friends. Madeline has never felt more loved than right now. This outfit was going to be the life of her party. Across the floor she saw Kaleb, Jaylene, and some guy. SHe went over there and wrapped her arms around Kaleb.

"Hiya sexy." She looked at Kaleb's face and let go of him immediately. She could tell that he was a bit angry with someone or about something. The ectasy was starting to kick in so it was a bit hard to keep a straight face and actually try to figure out what was wrong. "Baby what happened?" She asked. Everything started to contort and change colors. It was amazing, but she couldn't respond to it because her priority was with Kaleb.

The last time he was angry she wasn't there to help him out. Madeline felt so bad. She usually has Kaleb's back whenever he needed her, but that was the one time she wasn't there. She was too busy getting high with one of her other friends, but she was going to be there for him now.