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Snippet #2344962

located in The Shadow pack, a part of The Wolves of the Alterean Forest, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Shadow pack

If you belong to the Shadow pack, post here.


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Character Portrait: Karu Lynn Character Portrait: Ben Harland Character Portrait: Isabel Del Rey
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Karu, Shadow Pack

Karu sat by a tree in her human form. She was upset after the death of one of their pack members... They'd been close and Karu really hated the snow pack for killing the wolf. Karu wiped her eyes and got up. She brushed off the dirt from her clothes and ran, changing and landing on all fours. She let out a howl and ran. She needed to blow some steam. She ran through the forest, feeling the exhilaration of dodging the trees and jumping over logs.

Karu raced up a hill and skidded to a stop, finding herself at a cliff. She slowly trotted over so she could see over the edge. Karu transformed there and sat cross legged. She admired the view and began to think... What happened next? A pack member was dead... Was war coming now? Karu sighed... The Snow Pack had killed her friend so she was ready for a fight.

Ben, Snow Pack

Ben woke up groggily. He had slept in. He sighed and got out of bed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he crossed over to his dresser. He grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower... He ran the water and undressed and got in. What happened next? His pack had killed a member of the Shadow pack... Ben lathered his body in soap and rinsed. He got out of the shower, feeling clean and relaxed. He dried himself off and put on his clothes. He combed his hair back and shaved. The routine took about 45 minutes. Ben opened the door of his cabin and walked outside, closing it behind him... After the killing of the shadow pack's member, who knew what today beheld.

Isabel, Shadow Pack

Isabel sat on a log out in the forest on the Shadow Pack's grounds. Isabel was awaiting for the rest of the pack.. After the loss of their member, she assumed there had to be a talk. Isabel stretched. She assumed people were still waking up so why not go for a little run? Isabel stretched as she transformed into her other form. Isabel started to run, her black form a blur to others as she sped up. She could smell them. The Snow Pack. Isabel snarled but she knew she couldn't cause any trouble or it would be an all out war... And Isabel didn't wanna lower herself to a... Murderer.

Isabel raced around a tree and skidded to a halt. Isabel slowly trotted around... It was where her and her friend used to hangout when she was young... Isabel wasn't supposed to go to the forest but sometimes she snuck out with her friend. Isabel looked in disbelief... It was her favorite place to be.... She forgot where it was when she got older and would dream of it as her happy place... And she'd rediscovered it now. Isabel transformed back. She smiled.... Now she couldn't let the war happen... If Snow one they could take the Shadow pack's territory... And she wouldn't allow them to take her happy place.