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Snippet #2345149

located in The Shadow pack, a part of The Wolves of the Alterean Forest, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Shadow pack

If you belong to the Shadow pack, post here.


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Character Portrait: Karu Lynn Character Portrait: Ransyr Character Portrait: Heaven-leigh Character Portrait: Alexander Myers
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Heaven-leigh, Shadow Pack

Heaven-Leigh ran from her brother in wolf form. She needed to clear her head; away from the dead wolf. The wolf had been so young...just barely a pack member in training. Her heart squeezed when she thought of him. It was know that she re-felt her feelings of affection toward him...if only she had told him sooner.

Now she could hear her pulse in her head, and billows of cloud came form her nose as breathed heavily. One thought buzzed around her head like a bee in spring: revenge. The thought was so sweet. The damned snow pack needed to learn their lesson! She was done with sitting by, and being told she was too young. Heaven-Leigh rose to her paws and streaked off into the woods. Before long she caught the scent of a deer from the wind. She turned sharply, and nearly collided into it. Maybe she could prove herself this way?? Heaven-Leigh continued to chase it for ten minutes. She was so very close, she was right on its tail! That was when she noticed her surroundings. The scent wafted to her; this was Snow pack territory! Before she had a chance to react, she continued over the border. What if I'm caught???!!! she thought horrified. Heaven-Leigh didn't care. She kept on chasing the deer until-Crunch! She leaped on it and clamped her jaws round its neck. Proud of herself, Heaven-Leigh smiled, but quickly pulled herself and her catch back across the border to the Shadow Pack side. Please tell me no one saw me! She thought, full of worry. In an attempt to disguise her scent, she kicked leaves over her trail. If the Snow pack found Shadow Pack scent on their borders... she couldn't even think about it.

She continued dragging the deer until she crossed into camp. She let out a little yip and sent out a telepathic message: I got dinner!
Of course she let Pack members, betas, and the Alpha before herself. Heaven-Leigh did bark at an Omega who came over before diving in. Delicious....

Alexander, Shadow Pack
Alexander was patrolling the border with Ransyr (if that's okay) when he detected Karu's scent. It was mixed with the scent of sadness.
He flicked his tail, signaling Ransyr to return to camp and that the patrol was done. See you later he said telepathically.

Alexander walked up the hill, and found Karu sitting criss-cross in human form. He shifted to human form as well and sat beside her. "How are you doing, Karu?" Her bleak, tear stained face mixed with upset and rage told him everything. "Not well? Me neither. I can't believe snow clan could be so wicked as to kill a young wolf, who was alone. It's outraging!" He picked up a rock and threw it down the hill.

"I can't help but think we need to... do something about this. I don't know if war would be quite right, but we should at least attack them, right? I would be ready to charge in to battle now if the order was given."

He took a second and looked off into the view. "It's beautiful, isn't it Karu? I've never quite seen such a view." He put his hand lightly on Karu's arm. "Well, it's not quite as beautiful as you are..." Alexander shifted and headed back to camp before Karu could respond. Am I crazy?! he thought, his stomach twisting in knots. He knew he wasn't; he had known Karu for years, but never really ever truly expressed his feelings. Now that war was coming, he knew he had to say something, before the risk of one of them dying was posed. I just hope she feels the same way is all he could think as he headed back into camp and enjoyed some of the deer, apparently caught solely Heaven-Leigh.