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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2347607

located in Large facility in the middle of the desert, a part of Facility X, one of the many universes on RPG.

Large facility in the middle of the desert

the outer enterance


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Character Portrait: Timber Character Portrait: Kalin Struner Character Portrait: Daine Leonardo Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis Character Portrait: Riley
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The angel and the Immortalis had conversed by themselves. The two lone wolves with the only knowledge of who the other truely was. Asher, the Immortalis of Temperature, Voice of Treason, King of a 100 Days, and the Last One Standing. Daine, the Angel of Death, Traitor to Heaven, and the Half-Human. These two came from the same background, and understood each other the best.

However, their conversation was interupped by sounds of a meeting going on. Reluctantly, the two nodded at each other and went into the room, listening intently at the situation. It was but a silent agreement. Two great and old minds think alike, after all. No words were needed to know what the other is planning. Asher would go with Riely. After all, with the elemental power of the shadows, nothing is able to find him. For Daine, he would go with the werewolves, and he would help in the ambush. The gunblade is a destrouctive weapon, after all. It's perfect for wiping out forces that try to kill him. They didn't really mind seperating, though. They usually come back some time or another. And that's when this whole thing was over.

Without a word, Asher stayed in the room, leaning against the wall and closing his eyes. He needed to contact his own dark side. Why? They need to work together again, as sad as it sounded. The two sides of life cooperating with each other? It's Yin and Yang. They are part of one thing, yet colored differently. They just need to trust in the other. "So. You actually do need my help." Lucian smirked from inside Asher's mind. All he did was glare at his dark side silently, obviously testing to see how much his patience would last. However, Lucian's next statement caused Asher to relax. "Fine. I'll allow you to use my powers without any cost. Just remember that after this, you're fighting with me again."

Asher listened to Kalin, and contemplated about her description of her abilities. If she can trick the mind... Asher thought. "Hey, little girl." Asher called. "Maybe you can help with the ambush. If you can fly, you might be able to escape the enemy's range of vision. Starting a fire in the rain forest, specifically near them, would cause a disruption in their ranks. Trick the mind, and you have them all confused and vulnerable for the werewolves to eat them up." Asher explained, using his wisdom that was once in his mind a thousand years ago.

Daine walked silently to the basement, his gunblade becoming unsheathed. Finally... Something that isn't boring around here... Daine thought. In truth, his life was spent in peace, but as a vagrant. He can't enjoy life without excitement anymore. Being stuck in one place is frustrating, and boring. So, the first even you see, you take the opportunity and firmly grasp it with your own two hands. Daine ended up running in rxcitement. Nothing boring about this anymore. However, he despite his smirk on his face, Daine did take it seriously enough.