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located in Earth, a part of An Unexpected Happening, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Alexyna Character Portrait: Daemon Dues Tredecim
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Locked up in a cage in Heaven, Alexyna had on a ruby choker, hidden behind her dark blue neck ribbon, traps her powers away. This was to make sure she didn’t have any power to break free. Having no way of getting out, the door almost always locked. She has been like this for about a quarter of a century. Having no real contact with others outside the bars.

Today's the day. The day I finally escape this prison cage. The young Reaper was finally going to get out, no longer trapped like a bird in this cage. When the door opened for her next meal, that's when she escapes. The chains around her ankles have at last rusted, ready to break at any given moment. The clock stroked twelve, it was time. The door creaked open, an Angel in a bright white cloak walked through the door, their face covered by the hood. They're carrying a silver tray with food, as they went to place the tray on the table by Alexyna. NOW! The girl sudden dashed for the door, the chains around her ankles shattered. She rushed down the coiled stairway, hearing footsteps quickly coming from behind her. Great. Now the Guards are after her. The girl was now running through the garden in the courtyard. She felt herself having just enough power to create a small portal back to the Shadow Realm.

Forming the portal in front of her, she ran through, but not without two or three Guards who were still chasing her. Alex had just enough time to stop and catch her breath. She looked around and saw her Realm half destroyed. Dead Fallen Angels, Angels, and piles of black dust (the Reapers) were everywhere. Buildings, homes turned to rubble. This was not her home anymore. Remembering she was being chased, Alex started running again. She jumped across to a nearby platform, than kept running. She had to lose them, but how?

In the Shadow Realm, each building was on their own 'platform', like a floating piece of land with a building and such on top. If you fell off the edge, then...You'd be lucky enough to land on another platform that might be below. Having nowhere else to go, and with her powers still trapped inside the ruby, Alexyna had to make a decision. Either be captured again or run off the edge and hope for the best. Without a second thought, she ran straight for the edge, once she got closer, she closed her eyes, jumping off the edge.

Desolately, there was no platform below, just a dark pit of nothingness. Falling, the girl screamed, but wait, no sound was coming out! What was going on?!?! She can feel herself screaming, but she's not! Right when she opened her eyes a strange black, red, and yellow vortex spiraled below her. What is that?! It was like a vacuum, it’s sucking her in! She tried to spread her black feathered wings, nevertheless nothing happened. She raised her hand up and shouted. HELP!!!!!! However, there was no sound again. Was this the end of the poor girl? All she wanted was to escape that awful cage and return home. What she didn't know was that this portal, giving her the freedom she so longed for to escape these wars, was taking her to the Human Realm.

As soon as she entered the Human Realm, Alexyna was visible to the humans. Since she was so far up in the sky, she looked like nothing but a little black speck. Upon entering, the brightness of the Human Realm blinded the girl. Covering her vision with her left arm. She was not use to such light; in the Shadow Realm it had always been dark, only lightened by the tinted shine of the Red Moon. The cool air whistled passed her as she fell. What? She's not dead...Well, she didn't disappear? Since you know, Reapers can't really die...Anyways. Her eyes felt heavy, closing slowly. Her arms moved to her sides. It would appear that she had blacked out. As she plunged further down, passed a wall of clouds, it became darker. Her wings vanished, leaving behind a large trail of black feathers following after her. Her clothes started to rip away; each piece of clothing that came off caught fire and burned away. Her hair, turning darker, from white to gray to black, as if her ties with the Shadow Realm were breaking apart.

Each second Alexyna grew closer to the ground. It was nighttime in the Human Realm, so no one could see a girl falling from the sky to her possible death. Tall building surrounded her; the sounds of the city filled the air. Sadly, she plummeted on a building's rooftop, rolled off, and crash landing on the cold stone ground. The girl's clothes have been ripped off, but she was not fully naked. She did have portions of her clothes covering up parts of her body, though even that was torn up. Still, the ruby choker was around her neck, the only thing still slightly in one piece. The black feathers fell around her, as a crow appeared next to the girl. Her whole body was cut up; there was even a crack in the ruby. It's a miracle that she survived such a fall. Quite shockingly, this all came about in front of a young boy who just happened to be walking through the alley.