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located in McDunn B&B, a part of Take Some Time, one of the many universes on RPG.

McDunn B&B



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Character Portrait: Rose McDunn Character Portrait: Diana Laurice Character Portrait: Benjamin Simpkin Character Portrait: Sally Hopkins
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Benjamin Simpkin
The brunette, or Rose as she introduced herself, or McDunn as he had chosen to call her, put on a good hostess act, smiled when she was supposed to and said all the right things. She might as well have been talking to a deaf though; all Ben really cared about was the key to his room that she handed him. When the doorbell rang he couldn't help a smile as McDunn straightened out her clothes and hair before answering the door. Someone seemed to care way too much about looking professional.

The woman who had rug the doorbell was actually rather attractive, she introduced herself as Diana and McDunn introduced him. "Nice dress" he said simply to Diana, before dismissing her and turning back to McDunn. "I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Mcdunn." He gave her a light nod before heading off in the direction she had told him, though he hadn't listened very well and so it took him a few goes to get to his room.

Ben was impressed with his room, he liked the colours and everything looked clean and well it was pretty amazing after he had dropped is bags in the middle of the floor he tried the bed and discovered it was what he imagined lying on a cloud to look like. He then rummaged through the basket of goodies that he found lying on the end of his bed, he didn’t care very much about the bottle of thing to use in the bathroom, and left them scattered across the floor, same with the water bottles and housecoat; he might get around to using them eventually. However he shoved some of the snacks into his pocket while already munching down on one.

Not one to hang around alone in his room all day, Ben, after dropping off his bags and stocking up on snacks headed out to check out the entirety of the B&B.

Sally Hopkins
It was the first time Sally had ever left England, even though it was only Scotland, she was completely enchanted. It wasn’t all that different from England but Sally still kept her face staring firmly out the window taking in all the surrounding greenery. She was even more amazed as she got closer to the B&B, the drive way was stunning with the canopy of trees over the top, Sally was almost disappointed when the driveway came to end and revealed the actual place. It was massive, and there was a gorgeous fountain, she couldn’t wait to find out what was waiting for her inside, including the other guests.

Before entering the B&B though, she made sure to flatten out any creases in her clothes that were caused by the journey. She was wearing a cute light pink dress with a floral pattern and a tan jacket. She also made sure her hair and make up still looked nice and fresh, touching it up where she could. First impressions were always deadly important and she wasn’t going to let the other guests’ first impression of her be bad. She took a deep breath, preparing herself to be charming and friendly and she moved towards the entrance.

Entering the lobby Sally’s attention was drawn to the number of books on the bookshelves that lined the walls. She moved over the desk that was across the room when she saw a woman sitting there. “This place is absolutely amazing,” Sally said sincerely as she looked around the room, her usual sweet smile plastered on her face. She was sure the woman in front of her would love her. “I mean I’ve never really been out of England before, so I don’t exactly have any standards, but I think I’ve fallen in love.”

Sally laughed lightly as she lent against the edge of the desk looking after at another girl who was sitting on a leather couch opposite her. The girl's hair was dressed to perfection, it was really quite impressive, almost intimidating. Sally suddenly felt very plain and like she hadn't made much of an effort. She smiled in a friendly manner and gave the girl a small wave.