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located in McDunn B&B, a part of Take Some Time, one of the many universes on RPG.

McDunn B&B



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Character Portrait: Rose McDunn Character Portrait: Diana Laurice Character Portrait: Garret Vallee Character Portrait: Sally Hopkins
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Rose saw her next guest enter the house and she smiled a real smile, the girl seemed to be radiating happiness and she stood and offered her hand. "thank you." she shook the woman's hand and said "I've got a lot of pride in this house. It is a great honor you do me by falling in love with it." she chuckled lightly and then took down Sally's information. "I'm hoping you'll enjoy your stay even more." Rose handed her the key to her bed room and said "the woman over the is Diana, she's a guest here as well. There is another man upstairs named Benjamin as well. You three are the first to arrive. Feel free to go where ever you like and if you need anything like transportation or want to know where the best spots are around I am more than happy to point you in the right direction."

Rose felt she was doing well so far, 2/3 of her guest so far seemed tolerable, save for that Benjamin who just seemed like a bit of an airhead and an arse to her but she pushed the thought away and stood. Just as she was standing the door opened again and a man came stumbling through. He had tripped on the step up and in his misstep one of his bags dropped to the floor. He was a handsome man with dark hair and tanned skin from being out in the sun. "blast it." he muttered to himself as he picked up his bag and walked in. He gazed around and his frown from tripping was immediately replaced with a charming smile when he noticed the three women. "well hello." he tipped his baseball cap at the woman sitting and walked up to the front desk.

"good day." he spoke his Australian accent come through loud and clear. "I'm Garret checking in." he looked over at Sally and he leaned towards her a little "suppose you won this nice little trip as well? I didn't think I had a chance in a million years of winning but low and behold here I am. The flight was a bit of a new experience of course but I made it just the same." he didn't realize he was talking so much but rather was quite comfortable with himself. He looked back at Rose and the two grinned at each other and she introduced herself and the other two to him and then handed him his key. "thanks darling." he took the key in a calloused hand and looked over at Sally "can I walk you to your room? Since we're going to be here together might as well be friends eh?"