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located in McDunn B&B, a part of Take Some Time, one of the many universes on RPG.

McDunn B&B



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Character Portrait: Rose McDunn Character Portrait: Garret Vallee Character Portrait: Sally Hopkins
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Sally Hopkins
"Well I'm certainly planning on enjoying my stay," Sally replied taking her key off of Rose, giving her a short word of thanks. She made a mental note that the woman across the room was Diana and that there was another guy somewhere named Benjamin that she would make a point to meet. Sally wanted to make sure to make nice with everyone else staying at the house, she didn't want anyone having a negative view about her. She also didn't want to be caught in an awkward situation where she forgot someone's name; it always ended bad for everyone involved when a name was forgotten.

Rose explained a few more things, but before Sally could respond a guy cut her off by literally stumbling into into the Lobby. He talked with Rose about checking in, in a strong Australian accent before turning to Sally and talking to her. Sally smiled along as he talked to her, she would have done so to anyone out of politeness, but when he was talking she smiled sincerely as she found how comfortable he was to be endearing. He received his key and then asked to walk Sally to her room.

"As if I can say on to an offer like that," Sally flashed Garret her polite friendly smile as she started leading them away from the lobby. "Though I heard chivalry's dead, I'm guessing you didn't get the message." She joked grinning widely, quite proud of her little joke. Light humor was always good when meeting new people, and she was never the most quick witted person.
"About what you said before though, it was actually my sister who signed me up for this competition, she got a little excited and signed up all of our siblings." Sally said laughing lightly at the memory, her sister had acted like they were all going to win, she was surprised that her sister hadn't started packing. "-and it was no surprise that I won, I'm just lucky like that I guess, I mean every since I was little I was always winning raffles and things. Must be a talent." She paused to give him a sarcastically smug look before continuing. "I tried to give the trip to her, claiming I really didn't need it but she wouldn't hear of it. She packed me up and sent me here whether i wanted to go or not."