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located in Sessions, a part of This Animal I Have Become, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sessions take place here.


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Character Portrait: Damian Mason Character Portrait: Sonya Asano
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Listening to him explain his cognition on comparing his paraphillia to vampirism helped determine his level of mentality. She was not surprised that he could comprehend his surmise in legitimate conversation. But she knew he wasn't here because he required assistance knowledge-based. And to be completely honest, the brunette had not been expecting him to openly admit the truth when she initially asked.

Files were always a necessary tool needed to help the psychologists determine the best approach. But there was a problem -- files did not always contain everything they desired to know. Some things, abet important, slips through the concealed cracks. And with Damian's file, there wasn't really much to fasten onto besides the diagnostics of his disorder. Not to mention some of the patients severe behavior to ensconce their past. It had mostly to do with them not trusting the Doctors, which is understandable. Though Sonya had a strong want to know why he was in theory, sentenced to this place for only having an 'unusual' fetish.

With the change of his posture turning vehement, Sonya lifted her gaze to his deep viridian sight. Resting her clasped hands on her lap all the while watching the pulchritudinous man intently. Of course it was unethical to think that way about the patient; yet her basic humanistic nature caused her to do so. If at all she knew he would be concluding his colloquy with rape, then should wouldn't have offered him a curvature of her mouth; a smile - as she thought the story were going to dawdle on love. In curiosity of auditioning his words of how Sonya physically resembled the woman, brows furrowed as a puzzling expression swarmed her features. But as he continued, the corners of her lips slowly foiled into a slight pout. Still glancing at Damian, she watched the libidinous glint returned to his eyes. The expression on his facial semblance solely enticed her, causing a wave of calidity to surge through out her core.

"I just couldn't control myself......"

"I raped her."

Her rosy lips parting to release slow suppressing breaths, lashes batting by a torrent of blinking. Cyan orbs tumbled down to the aristocratic glass table, before trying to find the 'right' thing to say if there even was one. For a minute she let her crystallized spheres settle on the dark-haired man in oppression. Damian's laughter indicated that he had no remorse about his actions of more than likely ruining another person's life. Sonya had not been expecting him to dispense that type of information and shrug it off so nonchalantly. It did bother her a little that she resembled his rape victim.... but she had nothing to be worried about. Right?


In fact it was so quiet that the ticking from the small pendulum clock setting on top of her desk could be heard. Sighing at the uncanny situation subsisting itself to her proved afflicting, Sonya shook her head despondently. Yet she wouldn't reject him just because he made a 'mistake' which ultimately landed him here. The doctor made a quick face of discomfort but settled into a friendly smile.

"It doesn't seem like you feel remorseful. That sort of thing worries me Damian..."

Even if Damian wasn't technically mentally ill, he still showed some signs of what some would call a sick-natured person. And everyday he spent detained in this place, Sonya knew that his urge would only grow stronger. In reality, he was not ready to be release especially with the discontinuation of his medication.

"I don't have anything to worry about right...considering I resemble her." Sonya forced another smile before glancing down at her wristwatch. "Of course not. Well, I think we should end it here for today." Standing up from her seat on the sofa, while gently wiping the invisible dust from her raven colored dress. "I could take you back if you'd like."